Product Description

Here you will have the opportunity to view the lists of all Songs, Stories & Recitations that are available for purchase, and you can also listen to half minute sound bites of each selection. In this section, you are also able to purchase each of the 3 separate sets of Songs, Stories or Recitations by themselves — or you can choose the entire collection at a package price. ENJOY!

Where Have I known You…

Eulogy to my Dad

Guest House

Healers Prayer

Letter to a Friend

On Success

Please call me by my true name

Preyer to Humankind

Stellar Moment

The Spirit Remains Forever

They are Singing Your Song

Salutation to the Dawn


Clowns and Dancers



I am a Candle

If you Want Your Dream to Be

Inside you is a Dancer

Irish Blessing

Let us Give our Thanks

Listen to my Heart

The Messenger

Two as One



How Daylight Savings Time Began

Story Of Storytelling

The Trickster

Wynken Blynken & Nod