Here are some affirmations to practice improving your speaking voice:
“When I’m in tune with myself, when my inner intentions match my outer expressions, my voice is clear, powerful, pleasant to hear.”
“As I’m patient and gentle with myself, I allow pauses and spaciousness between my words and key points.”
“I allow space in my vowels, between consonants in my spoken words, as well as between words.”
“I pause for emphasis between sentences and main points.”
“I punctuate main points with finger and arm gestures, showing what I’m telling. ”
“My message is fully delivered through my body.”
“As I am clear with my purpose and intentions, my thoughts, spoken words and actions are clear, too.”
“I practice the power of the spoken word.”
Notice how practicing the above statements (and making up your own versions of these statements that resonate for you) makes a difference in the impact and effectiveness of your spoken communications in both your personal and professional lives.
I’d welcome hearing from you as to what shifts as a result of putting the wisdoms and truths underlying these statements into practice.
Here’s to your embracing a resonance in your residence of the landscape of the body, our chief insturment of communication, as never before!
Practicing with you,
Dr Gary