Bill owned a car dealership in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He was also active in a number of civic associations and did lots of media performances and presentations. He saw an article on my presentation coaching in the local newspaper and called me up. As a result, I began to work with him. He had a very meek, shy, and an almost terrorised tone to his voice.
Something obviously happened to him when he was growing up that he was remembering when he stood up on the speaking platform. And so I asked him to begin to shift the old filter with the new filter, “What are you excited about? What are you passionate about? Where’s the feeling of tremendous energy that enters your body?”
And he said, “Oh, before I started to run the family business, I was a race car driver. And I put my foot on the accelerator and the car went ‘VROOOOOMMM!’ There was a tremendous rush in my body, there was this feeling of a thrill and excitement.”
I said, “Great! Guess what, next time you’re staying up there and you’re terrified, your palms are sweaty and you feel like you can’t speak and you’re shaky; picture yourself putting your foot down the accelerator.”
What do you suppose happened to his speaking abilities? In moments, he stepped into a new filter and because his excitement and desire were greater to enter this new realm, he put less attention on the ‘death sentencing,’ and more on the ‘life sentencing.’ It was as though a new picture replaced the old picture. A new anchor replaced the old anchor. He’s more attracted to it, the old condition swiftly dissolved, and he began to speak as a masterful speaker. It only took a moment. And yet in that one moment, he was able to let go of an old story, and celebrate a new glory.
Once he could recall how it was to speak from that place of great passion he was holding inside for so long, it took but a moment to shift. This moment, all the time in the world!
Utilising affirmations effectively is a similar process. Sometimes affirmations just sound wrong: “It sounds silly.” Or “it isn’t really me.” “Should I try to understand the reaction when I say the affirmation?” “Some ideas might be right or wrong.” Obviously, Bill’s inner landscape was already filled with thoughts and feelings and excitement connecting him to his passion for racing cars. From this moment on, in his speaking on stage he became very active, very alive – and very engaging.
The key, as I keep saying here, is to connect the actual choice of the words used in a life affirming statement, as an affirmation. They can be your words, or someone else’s words that you own as your own. The key is that, when the words are spoken, when the thoughts are thought, when the actions are enacted to fully inhabit the empowering feeling of the “I AM” presence.“Yes, I AM this!”
Who we are and the intention we put into any statements become real by the emotional energy we pour into these statements. Notice the difference, for instance, when you make a statement that is life-sentencing or death sentencing.
When you make a statement that drags you down, your life force dwindles, you feel exhausted and lose all motivation. When you make a statement that is self-affirming, life-affirming, and moves you forward in the direction that you intend to go, your energy, clarity and radiation of joy all increase.
When your inner intentions match your outer expression, the messages you tell yourself and those you deliver to others reinforce each other, awakening greater resonance in your residence — in your body, your chief instrument of communication.
Remember to practice, with every thought you think, every word you speak, and every action you create: “Behold, I make all anew — with everything I think say and do!”
This is where it all ends, and this is where it all begins.
So celebrate this day as a new day.
Hip! Hip!! Hooray!!!
Now it is your turn, and you have much to say…