Integrating Personal Development Work Into Your Life
Doing personal development work opens up a world of abundance, especially when it is fully integrated into your life. Believe it or not, there are ways of doing personal development without getting the full benefit of it throughout your life.
Often this can happen when personal development is done in a unique environment that is hard for someone to associate with his or her everyday life. In this situation, if someone is not aware of the way personal development exercises and experiences can be applied in familiar settings, then they may simply revert back to old habits, beliefs and patterns when they are in a familiar environment.
For example, let’s say you go on a two-day personal development retreat. Surrounded by peaceful scenery and like-minded people, the insights and inspiration flow easily during the facilitated practices. Then Monday comes around and you are back in the office, dealing with the same people as before, with all of their habits and attitudes in full force. Imagine how easy it would be, in this scenario, to fall back into old habits?
So, how can you hold on to the empowerment and change that is fostered through personal development experiences? Simply acknowledging this potential for old habits to surface is a step in the right direction. It gives you an opportunity to make a conscious decision to honour the insights gained through personal development practices.
What I’ve also discovered through my work with Dr Gary Wohlman is that engaging the whole self in the personal development process makes it easier to fully integrate positive changes into everyday life. Dr Gary’s use of poetry, affirmations, massage (and physical movement), visualisation creates an enriched and enriching experience that is truly transformational.
Dr Gary’s book, Get Up, Stand Up For Your Life, provides further insight into why the Wohlman Method is so powerful: “the more senses that are engaged as you focus on your new self talk and way of being in the world, the more you are creating recognisable, kinaesthetic pathways to which you can return, again and again.”
Through working with Dr Gary, I have developed a greater acceptance and appreciation for all of my self. The Wohlman Method has also helped me nurture my self awareness, and I have found that the insights gained through all personal development and growth is now much easier to apply to my everyday life.
Through his life’s work as an archaeologist of the soul, Dr Gary has developed many techniques and practices that help transform people’s lives. His book, workshops and one-on-one sessions all offer valuable insights into how we can embrace all personal development work so that it leads to a truly fulfilling experience of life.
~ written by Amy Bradney-George, recent client and advocate of this work