I have found that another key element in understanding yourself is to ask who are the most important people in your life. Who are your role models?
You are an adult now and you no longer have blinders on in terms of your parents and other close family members. We want to see the truth.
Ask yourself: Who are the heroes in your life?
First, take a look inside of you. Take a moment to scan your memory banks, so you can visualise the faces and bodies of mentors and role models and others who have served as heroes for you, and made a difference in shaping the direction of your life. The people who have spoken up when others wouldn’t.
Celebrated public figures whose pictures you have up on your walls. People who you have revered and respected and wished you could be more like yourself.
Imagine yourself now standing in front of one of these role models. Imagine yourself facing them now and say aloud the following: “Ever since I have known you, you have touched my life through your physical presence. In particular, you have these three qualities that I admire the most” (name them: 1_______________ _2_______________ _3__________________).
Now put yourself physically in the position of the mentor you have just spoken to. Literally, step forward and turn around 180° so that you are now facing yourself. Visualise and feel yourself now as the mentor you were just addressing. Stand as you feel that person would stand in their body, breathe as you feel that person would breathe, move as you sense they would move, and speak as that person would speak — in appreciation for having been acknowledged so deeply.
Now say

[your own version of] the following words – just as you feel you would speak as though you were that very person…. “Thank you for sharing with me this beautiful acknowledgment of how you see me, and how I have touched your life. I heard you say (now repeat what that mentor heard yourself say).
Now improvise! Ad lib what you feel moved to say, just as your hero, role model and mentor would speak.
Move as they would move, breath as they would breath, stand as they would stand, sound as they would sound…
You might say something like, “You have all these qualities yourself” or “I see you having these qualities yourself” or some humble, genuine, heartwarming, expression of acknowledgement that your hero would likely share.
Now turn around once again, 180° so that you are now standing back in your own shoes… in your own body, once again.
What touched you the most in your role model’s communication? You may notice that you feel emotional in some significant way. Perhaps this key person in your life has awakened in you the realisation that you indeed do possess the very same qualities you originally acknowledged in him/her.
Now say aloud, “From this moment on, I now recognise and claim these qualities I have acknowledged in my hero (name these 3 qualities).”
Now realise how you are standing much more like your hero. You are breathing and moving and speaking and feeling as that one person who has had such a positive effect upon your life.
Now you become the person whom you have always wanted to be. You have become the hero in your own life, the creator of your most desired destiny.
You have to have the Courage to claim it. You have to have the Courage to reach for what you have been seeking. The answer is all around you. It has found you.
Awake! For Goodness sake, be willing to have it all – all that you have most desired, the fullest expression of your most passionate purpose here.
Name it to claim it.