In the limited time you have to deliver your presentation, of course you want to give as much content as possible in the shortest amount of time…
I have seen this challenge time and time again with some of the best of speakers I have coached over the years.
As important as a speaker feels it is to deliver maximum content in minimum time, I constantly observe that the use of pause allows content to be retained much more effectively than rushing to make so many wonderful key points.
As it turns out, it is only 7% of what audience’s remember with the actual content of a speaker’s presentation, whereas 35% of the message is conveyed through the voice, and 55% from the use of visual gestures, postures and what the audience sees.
Here’s an exercise for you to practice:
In your next presentation where you are holding the view that you have to go fast to deliver all the info you feel is so important to give in such a short amount of time, notice the difference when you deliberately allow more of the