There are so many elements of Dr Gary Wohlman’s method that I find valuable for my journey to living a more fulfilling life, and right now the most specific to me are what Dr Gary calls the 3 V’s: the Verbal, the Vocal and the Visual.
Dr Gary describes these V’s as “the pillars which hold up what we might describe as the temple of communication.”
“Each of these is like a ‘personality’ that has a certain quality, when you talk about the other two,” Dr Gary explains in his book: Get Up, Stand Up For Your Life.
“Each one is slightly varied, so each one can stand on its own.”
The 3 V’s are all keys to more powerful presentations, conversations, connections and transformations in your life and the lives of those around you. As a way of understanding their value, consider the following brief “introductions” to each V.
VERBAL: Meet the Verbal. The Verbal is passionate about the words you choose. It allows you to express yourself fully and authentically with every word you use.
VOCAL: The Vocal loves the way that you sound. It creates solid foundations for your message by sending it into the world, channelling your message from within to without, through voice and ears.
VISUAL: The Visual is maybe the most mysterious of the 3 V’s. While it can be seen in front of your eyes, it’s also in your mind. The Visual helps you connect to what you value, wash away burdens that don’t serve you and allows you to watch the sun rise on new ways of living and being.
There is so much more to each V – these introductions are just a way of becoming aware of them and familiar with some of their defining characteristics. Dr Gary delves more deeply into these 3 V’s in his workshops, events and private sessions, as well as in his book.
If you are in Melbourne, a good way to get to know the 3 V’s better is to attend Dr Gary’s next public event, “Speaking From the Heart”:
Dr Gary’s method fully embodies the 3 V’s, and gives us all the tools we need to use them in our own lives. Through getting to know the 3 V’s, you will also find it easier to apply them to public speaking, personal development and all facets of life, because their true value is in creating a more fulfilling way to be”
– Amy Bradney-George, advocate of Dr Gary’s work