A client I was assisting to create short 3 minute videos of the best of his work asked me, “What to do when I pause in front of a live audience and feel uncomfortable in the silence? What to do?”
I suggested that he would do well to guide the group listening to him with a participatory question or two, to keep the audience’s attention engaged and assist them in retaining the information and key points he is making.
For instance, if you are pausing after giving certain instructions to a live audience, you might add the words: “Does this make sense to you?” or “Reflect on what I just told you, and notice any insights and ‘Ah Ha’s’ that emerge while you stay focused on this subject…”
This style of shifting from lecturing or downloading lots of verbal content to engaging the audience in a more interactive, dialogue approach of sharing information, helps build active listening from the audience’s perspective and has the speaker be more credible and easier to hear, with the presenter’s focus being on engaging as many senses as possible.
Learning is maximised in this way, and speaking in a conversational tone is also more relaxing for the speaker ~ thereby enhancing their authenticity, impact and effectiveness in delivering their points with ease…