Dr Gary making a point w fingers
As I reflect on principles of public speaking that make the most sense to me, one keeps reverberating in my mind that I’m moved to share with you. Simply said, it’s: “You don’t have to rehearse to be yourself”.

Which is to say, that we all have a deep Knowingness inside us, the collected wisdom of our own personal experience, that makes it easy to speak without notes.
Following the famous saying of “Music is the space between the notes”, as we trust the emptiness within, the spaciousness inside, we can access a connection to our innermost authority and give voice to gut feelings, insights and inspirations we may have never noticed when were so focused on “saying it the right way” before.
Tapping into our perfect imperfection in this way, appreciating pauses between words and allowing spaciousness in the delivery of our messages, this practice generates newfound trust in intuiting what to say next.
In my presentation coaching with developing leaders, I’ve discovered this “going within” and allowing greater self-reflection while speaking as a sure swift pathway to recognise our subtle Knowing underneath our unknowing ~ and paves the way for to express the depths and heights of our humanity as we’ve only dreamed possible.
To give you a physical demonstration of how this process works, feel free to contact me so I can Guide you to similarly connect with your innermost Knowing, Flowing & Glowing ~ and “speak from the heart” with renewed confidence, on all stages of your life.