The future passé technique ~ the secret behind the art of manifestation

Today, while working with a client who was preparing a one minute speech for an audience of 100 professionals, once she mastered her content and delivery I suggested she step aside for a moment, put herself in the body and consciousness of one of the attendees who will be in the room that day and […]

Why do you think people have a fear of public speaking?

Great question! As a speaking coach myself for decades now, what I have witnessed more often than anything ~ within myself and others ~ is the terrifying feeling that past moments where a person felt traumatised in not feeling seen or heard while speaking will repeat again.

Until those past moments are replayed, or at least […]

MiRRor Work Reflections

MiRRor Work Reflections:

Mirror work can be so empowering: a great practice is telling the face looking back at you in the mirror what you want to tell the world, with utmost sincerity. Say what you intend to say to others until you see that the face looking right back at you ‘truly gets’ your message.

Delivering […]

You don’t have to rehearse to be yourself

As I reflect on principles of public speaking that make the most sense to me, one keeps reverberating in my mind that I’m moved to share with you. Simply said, it’s: “You don’t have to rehearse to be yourself”.

Which is to say, that we all have a deep Knowingness inside us, the collected wisdom of […]