The Value of the 3Vs

There are so many elements of Dr Gary Wohlman’s method that I find valuable for my journey to living a more fulfilling life, and right now the most specific to me are what Dr Gary calls the 3 V’s: the Verbal, the Vocal and the Visual.

Dr Gary describes these V’s as “the pillars which hold […]

What can I simply do to develop Confidence on stage?

Today I attended a sales & marketing Superconference in my home town of Melbourne – with a wealth of inspiring speakers and presenters from all over the world.

During one of the breaks in a small circle of peers, a developing speaker asked me: “What tips can you give me, I don’t get up much on […]

What is your voice saying about you

We use our voices almost every day, yet it’s a part of us that is often taken for granted. When was the last time you stopped and listened to how you say the messages you want to convey?

Unless you’re in a profession where recording is par for the course, the answer is probably somewhere between […]