Dr Gary Wohlman, Communications Skills coach & Transformational Artist offers us a special workshop.

Dr Gary facilitates awakening refreshing new ways for us to mobilise self-talk that is empowering, nurturing and healing – both with ourselves and in our interactions with others. Through his scenario-based, Monty-Python flavoured approach to generating swift sustainable breakthroughs in communication, by the end of this presentation you will come away with tangible tools to revitalise your thinking, speaking and actions ~ on all stages of your life.

Benefits for you:“Just want to let you know that I’m still loving the benefits I received from coming to your Sydney “Speaking from the Heart” workshop. Sooo good to experience a public speaking workshop that addressed my core issues around my speaking fears, identify where those fears originated from, and then a safe enough space for me to be seen and & transform those fears within the group environment. Very powerful! Love your sensitivity, Gary! You’ve gone beyond “technique” to the real juice – thank you so much.
~ Eve Glimma, international workshop leader, coach and community organiser.

This format of Gary’s presentation follows his popular signature speech, which reads as follows:

Become an exceptional, dynamic & charismatic presenter with the Wohlman method!

An interactive opportunity to enhance the impact and effectiveness of your live presentations, facilitated by Dr Gary Wohlman, Communication Skills
& Transformational Presentation Coach

This special event is for both seasoned professionals who wish to refine their skills on stage, and anyone else who has a message to share (a story to tell, a poem to recite, a song to sing, a delicate communication to practice). This is for both beginning speakers, people who wish to feel more confident in communicating clearly with others, as well as for people who are ready to be more assertive in any situation – as developing speakers, on any stage of life.

Bring your voice out into the world as you’ve always dreamed possible!

Some of the areas of focus for this event will include Dr Gary’s proprietary tools:

  1. The 3 V’s of communication: How to integrate the Verbal, Vocal & Visual components so your spoken message matches your physical delivery
  2. The “Double Extreme” technique for Awakening Authenticity
  3. The “Grid System” for walking your talk and creating a conscious choreography of communication
  4. The P.E.A. formula / Cycle of Communication, providing a structure for you to make your Points with clear Examples & Application to your audience.
  5. The “Speech Cycle” template to clarify the content of a presentation, which can be applied to keynote presentations as well as for reaching people more easily with your intended message.
  6. Developing Self-Talk to empower Presentations on all stages of your life.
  7. Awakening the Hero: Reclaiming qualities you’ve projected onto heroes, mentors and role models – to step up and embody Leadership in your full self-expression and contribution to life

WHAT: This session is unique in that it will provide many hands-on opportunities for you to immediately shift old patterns that have held you back from being in your true power, authenticity and presence when you speak with family, friends, colleagues, clients and professional audiences.

HOW: The session will be scenario-based, which means that you will have an opportunity to stage a personal challenge you may be facing in delivering your messages with greater effectiveness. Utilising a combination of the latest findings in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Whole Brain research, and improvisational theatre techniques, you will find that, even in this short session, swift shifts will emerge that you’ll find are easy to sustain and grow.

HERE’S A LIVE EXAMPLE you can view of an amazing transformation with a participant “Overcoming fear of being seen” that took place within minutes through Dr Gary’s facilitation: https://youtu.be/Ei_4mzMhkts

WHY NOT? Dr Gary’s dramatic flair and playful, engaging manner will also assist you to feel safe to make breakthroughs in your self- expression that you’ve wanted for years. His expertise and fine-tuned, laser-beamed approach to catalysing shifts in your ability to communicate will also include outrageously fun Monty Pythonesque moments where you’ll be having such a good time, you won’t need to look back on the shy, fearful communicator you used to identify with. Be prepared to have the time of your life.

(If you’d like to create a similar event in your area, contact Dr Gary directly to find out how)
Please arrive at 12:30 so we can start on time at 1 pm.
We’ll go to 6 pm, with breaks for tea, juice and refreshments.

$150 earlybird
$240 Couple admission
$180 Regular admission
$300 Regular admission

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