This “Hospital Dialogues, and Beyond” is a compilation of the myriad of messages that have come in and my conversations with the hundreds of souls who have responded to my near-death rite-of-passage sudden spinal staph infection and resulting emergency surgery I have just gone through. My putting this together is a way of attempting to make sense of what has happened – not to me, yet through me…

My consolidating the messages between myself and so many sharing their caring also includes photos of my journey and inspirational quotes I have been drawn to during this precious, delicate, tender vulnerable time.

It starts off with my describing an overview of the situation, dialogues between myself and people who have first heard the shocking news and the beginning of my recovery – then travels backwards in time chronicling the events, both outside and inside, that have been key markers in this life-transforming journey.

I appreciate your reading through this piece and reflecting back to me your insights, observations and wisdoms emerging for you, as well.

Feeling deeply blessed in making it through this shocking siege, I feel like a butterfly just starting to climb out of the cocoon, just able to walk – easier to walk with a walker than on my own just yet. I’m feeling raw, split open and freshly sewn together, tender, fragile and delicate ~ and through this metamorphosis of being broken open somehow more willing to receive and share love and care, more than ever before… I’m coming to realise that together, we open the door.

In deepest Gratitude to you ~ and the light that more than ever, feels to stream through…



I am broken open.

Dr Jordan Jones, the neurosurgeon who cut me open for 3 hours during the emergency spinal epidermal abscess laminectomy operation that saved my life, told me the day after the surgery that he saw me in so much pain just beforehand, he was concerned I might come out of the procedure a paraplegic – with no use of my legs. He wanted to save me of this scare, so didn’t mention it until I was out of the operation – thank God I still have the ability to use both legs. Even though I was flat on my back for 12 days following the operation, I felt a bit of relief in hearing no further bad news. Phew!

Reminds me of what happened with Christopher Reeves, who was heralded for decades as the famous Superman on TV when I was growing up. Then he had a terrible accident and became a paraplegic. Life carries such ironies with it.

What happened? How did this begin? My sense is that it came from banging my right shin a few months ago against some pole while riding my push bike. Even though I was wearing long pants at the time, the gouged out pinky-nail-finger-sized cut took months to heal. It remained wet and open, and didn’t form a scar. I put different healing ointments on the area, yet a couple of months later the area was burning strongly, and turned bright red. Concerned that the painful sensation was a sign of something that needed more attention, I went into a pharmacy to ask if there was a problem – the pharmacist smiled and said that the tiny wound was healing just fine, and gave me an antiseptic silver coated bandage “just to be sure’. Just Two days later, on the 9thth of September I got out of bed in the morning, could barely walk or move or carry anything, and even went to be a featured speaker at a Business event where I was being videoed as one of the key presenters. Someone helping me lift and carry things at the event suggested I go to her chiropractor the very next morning, and when I did, he insisted I get an MRI to find out what in the world was going on. The staff at the radiology department where I got the MRI warned me emphatically that I had something very serious, an abscess of staphylococcus bacteria that ballooned into an infected sac from my Lumbar L2 to Thoracic T12 vertebrae throughout the lower third of my spine. They told me that the infection, pus and inflammation was on it’s way running up my spine to my brain, and that if I didn’t get an emergency surgery and get myself to the Alfred Hospital right away, I would soon be paralysed or dead. Before midnight that very same day, the neurosurgery team at the Alfred wound up in an cutting my back open 8 inches long to scrape out the infected abscess, drain the sac and also perform an epidermal laminectomy to remove some of the bone of the spine (the transverse process in the L-3 area) that had been infected. What an adventure!

When I researched what exactly this “Epidural abscess” I’ve had actually is, I’ve learned that this is a rare but important suppurative infection of the central nervous system (CNS). Only .2-2 out of 10,000 hospital admissions turn out to be an Spinal Epidural Abscess (SEA). This type of infection develops in the epidural space around the dura (the tissue that surrounds the spinal cord and nerve root), the area between the dura mater and the vertebral wall.

The epidural space contains fat as well as arteries and a venous plexus. Spinal epidural abscesses (SEAs) are most common in the thoracolumbar areas, where the epidural space is larger and contains more infection-prone fat tissue. Abscesses that are enclosed within the spinal column can expand to compress the spinal cord and cause severe symptoms, permanent complications, paralysis and even death.


Spinal infections can be caused by either a bacterial infection in another part of the body that has been carried into the spine through the bloodstream. The most common source of spinal infections is a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus. 

And in researching my situation even more in detail, I’ve learned that what I actually have had is: Septicemia
Septicemia is an infection of the blood, also known as bacteremia or blood poisoning.

Septicemia is a serious bloodstream infection. It’s also known as bacteremia, or blood poisoning. Septicemia occurs when a bacterial infection elsewhere in the body, such as in the lungs or skin, enters the bloodstream. This is dangerous because the bacteria and their toxins can be carried through the bloodstream to your entire body.

Septicemia can quickly become life-threatening. It must be treated in a hospital. If it’s left untreated, septicemia can progress to sepsis.

Septicemia and sepsis aren’t the same. Sepsis is a serious complication of septicemia. Sepsis is when inflammation throughout the body occurs. This inflammation can cause blood clots and block oxygen from reaching vital organs, resulting in organ failure. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that over 1 million Americans get severe sepsis each year. Between 28 and 50 percent of these patients may die from the condition. When the inflammation occurs with extremely low blood pressure, it’s called septic shock. Septic shock is fatal in many cases.

Thank goodness we“got it”just in time

With all this time I’ve just been granted by the forces that be to rest,
s-l-o-w down, revive, recuperate and heal from the startling spinal epidermal laminectomy surgery and life-threatening spinal abscess and staph infection I’ve just been ‘graced’ to experience, I’ve given myself the opportunity to read and re-read the hundreds of Facebook posts following my sudden and irrevocable "rite of passage", moving messages from people who I have known all over this planet – many of whom I have lost touch with over all these decades. Reading the thoughts, prayers and blessings of these ex-lovers, clients and friends has brought tears of Gratitude to my eyes.

I know I’ve reached enormous numbers of souls in my day, and assisted people all over the world to awaken to their greatest fulfilment and transform their lives to move forward in their preferred most passionate life direction. In fact, that’s what my identity had been centred around – all my life, up until now.

Yet to witness, to see and feel such heart-felt sentiments coming at me all at once from so many so abundantly, reminds me of the famous statement , that, in the very last moments of a person’s life, we see images of our entire past flashing across the movie screen of our mind’s eye. Without having to die in my physical body, yet perhaps needing to let go of some outmoded parts of me that needed to “die”, I feel somehow that this near-death experience has drawn people to reach out and connect with me in a way that has made pulled together and made sense of the life I’ve been living – up-to-now, that is. And in this symbolic death and rebirth into something still unfamiliar and unknown, I feel awakened to emerge like a butterfly out of the "safety" and keeping-myself-small hiding place cocoon and old dialogue of the "I can help everybody else" as a measure of worthiness / separatist stance I’ve been clinging to all my life.

It’s clearly time for me to receive, and I see this as a Gift. Thank you Bless you all for holding me as you do. I feel deeply moved to emerge and learn to at last embrace the spirit of community and shift from feeling so "eccentric", "different’ and "alone". My old identity no longer serves, it is not sustainable. As the snake must regularly shed it’s old skin, old selves that cannot last are falling away.

I am broken open, time to re-invent myself anew.

If anything will save humanity as we know it from "titanic-ing" to ever-more self-destruction and along the collision course we are on towards inevitable annihilation as a species, it is this – our collective surrendering to something greater than ourselves alone – that will bring us to the next level of evolution together.

During this time of having half of my back be split open, I’ve had the opportunity to look deep within and reflect on how the back itself is a metaphor for how we feel supported and trust support in our lives. In looking within, I am moved to discover anew what IS most important that supports me, you, and all of us to move forward in this life.

A lighthouse along the way: Throughout this life-changing ordeal, one of my friends has brought to my attention the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, who was run over and his ribs crushed by a fast-moving car while running a triathalon 30 years ago. In his case, rather than accept recommendations that he must have surgery, he vowed to dedicate himself to be in a renewed dialogue with and embrace the Divine Intelligence that has created the wonderful phenomenon of these bodies we live in, in the first place. And in doing so, he has developed a system of aligning our Highest Intentions with elevated emotions to heal conditions in our bodies, minds and lives that would otherwise be considered incurable.

“I can do this, we can do this. It is for us to do.”


What follows below throughout the rest of this piece are the dialogues between myself and those caring souls who have reached out to me, at different stages along this impactful journey. Along with feeling moved by the light in their eyes and warm, loving glowing countenance in their photos, my visiting and re-visiting these 500+ conversations continues to restore a sense of meaning and renewed sense of wholeness and integration for me – from feeling ripped apart and stapled back together during this tender time.

Kallika Fiona Bruce Yes I think it’s time for you to receive. It’s not the first time you’ve been faced with a call to stop or slow down. You’ve helped so many people and given to others. It’s now you time xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Kallika. I recall you’ve had a shockeroo of a call not too long ago that has awakened similar awareness in you. I appreciate continuing to hear what you’ve been learning, and the wisdom of your reflections Xx

Glenn Woodford Great to hear your progress Gary… Healing on many fronts. This world still has much need of your unique light… And gifts… You didn’t really think you were going to get away that soon, did you? Peace. 

Gary Wohlman Thank you for your unique perspective , Glenn No, I didn’t think I was going to get away at all. I pray to emerge from this precious incubating time with a new-found healthy balance between giving and receiving.

Glenn Woodford and you will. 

Ronski Kosky Gary this is your time now. Time to be the receiver – breath in the new possibilities of who you are becoming. Let go of your past behaviours. Sending you lots of love.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, wise ol’ friend. I am reminded of our many convos over meals at the One Dance Tribe Conscious Movement retreat where were both teaching in Maui in the Hawaiian Islands this past January. Your ageless wisdom continues to sink right into my core.

Jay Jam Thanks Gary. Such a beautiful post. We’re not taught to truly receive are we!? Implanted with so many other ideas like taking care of everyone else. But when do we really stop? Stop & listen to our own hearts & what is required? Self nurturing? Ppl ‘coming out of the woodwork’ for you is a great confirmation of your abilities to facilitate transformation. Your post is a beautiful reminder. Yes we all can do ‘this’ together, as a community. We are all unfolding with the opportunity to dare to go there. There’s always more. I wish you many more blessings of joy & miraculous healing. 

Gary Wohlman Thanks Jay. The warmth and wisdom of your witty words bring tears of Gratitude to my eyes.

Trace Belle nice one Gary. I like what Stephanie Dowrick wrote" it takes great courage to consider what is unwelcome in our lives is not happening to us but possibly for us"…. go gently…xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Trace, thank you for your sharing. "For us" implies that everything is a gift. From this perspective, nothing then happens "to us", yet instead happens through us – which awakens our consciousness from seeing ourselves as victims to having greater choice in the matter, to be at One with Source, to align with the forces of Creation and to re- write our life scripts, return to innocence ("inner sense"), and fulfil our destiny from the point of view of being "already whole". Such plenitude of wisdoms and lessons bubbling up here….

Bev Aisbett Rest up Gary. You may never know the ‘why’ – until you do! Xx

Gary Wohlman Ah yes, Bev ~ reminds me that the answer always comes at the end of a question..

Lyn Traill Wishing you the very best for the next part of your journey my old friend. There is still so much more to come.

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Lyn. Yes, you were one of the ones I’ve known from the beginning of my journey here in Australia, over 15 years ago. How honoured I felt to be able to be there for you through some of your life transitions – both here in OZ and also in exotic Bali where you dived into a 1 week retreat I led in my creative sanctuary at the Gaia Oasis resort retreat over there… I recall soon afterwards you met a wonderful man who became your life partner, you got married, and then your partner passed away. Rather than falling apart, you heralded a new stand for seniors and elders in our culture. You wrote a book and turned your life around again. I appreciate your sharing your wisdom with me just now of "There is still so much more to come". I know you know. Bless you, I feel deeply touched that you’ve reached out and connected with me at this fragile, delicate precious time. Appreciating your staying in touch, Gary

Raimond Volpe Get well Gary 

Gary Wohlman Thank you Raimond. Bless you

Jason Fisher Thanks for sharing Gary. Your will to live and love is inspiring!
Peace to you. 

Gary Wohlman What else are here here for, Jason, if not to shed one skin and grow another, to constantly re-visit what it is to be authentic and true to ourselves at every unexpected turn in this life? I remember over 10 years ago sharing sacred time with you at your house north of Sydney when we were studying Core Energetics Body Psychotherapy together, meeting your lovely wife – no idea at the time that your relationship would be blown apart and spit you out into your own unique individual life path. What wonders and surprises this life brings us, hey? Appreciating your staying in touch, dear precious soul.

Chris Kehlar Prayers & Thoughts are with you Gary.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Chris. I felt honoured to have you in my "Speaking from the Heart" workshop this past weekend, the day after I came home from being flat-on-my-back in hospital for 2 weeks. Such a pleasure for me to “come back from nearly dying” and witness your butterfly emerge from the cocoon as you took a stand for ‘sharing your gifts with the world", as never before. I appreciate your staying in touch.

Judy Dawes The universe will give you the strength to renew yourself but you have to be patient and rest in the meantime for that to happen. Love to you, I remember well the time you helped me heal my inner self at Stews and thank you deeply for this. xx

Gary Wohlman What goes around comes around, hey Judy?

Haluk Suleyman Your experience has been very dramatic and has prompted me to go down and have a reroot – canal done on my troubled porcelain cap

Gary Wohlman Wow, how we all make such a difference in each other’s lives. reminds me of one of my favourite sayings, painting on "The Great Wall of St Kilda": ‘BLESSED IS THE INFLUENCE OF ONE TRUE, LOVING SOUL UPON ANOTHER’. I’ve liked that statement so much that I’ve put it as the "bottom line" on all of my emails. Bless you.

Komang Sukana Take a rest Gary..!! Healthy is more important than other.. Please..!!!!

Pam Boggs I declare, they’re no specific blueprints to the inner kingdom or plane except the knowing that we’re spirits experiencing a physical existence…that’s the first step…esoteric/spiritual knowledge is taught from within…prayer is faster than the speed of lightening, we’re talking about serious energy…but it’s transforming energy and real…we exist in a dreamworld…there’s definitely life beyond this…Blessings to you as you continue your journey…feel better

Gary Wohlman Wonderful insights, Pam. Gives me fresh food for thought and empowers me to pioneer new pathways, frontiers and possibilities from within. Bless you.

Jennifer Maree Hogan Divine is awesome incredible lots of light and love Gary

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Jennifer

Gav Bell Thanks for sharing this journey of surrender and gratitude Gary Wohlman
It’s been tough to get to know u even though we have danced In the same room many times….I feel I know u a little better now…Look forward to giving u a hug when I see u next and glad u are healing.

Gary Wohlman Thank you Gav. Interesting how pain brings us all closer, as we all share the gift of suffering in this mortal existence. Bless you.

Trace Belle hey Gary, been thinking how Facebook can be so good a way to connect when in the past you may have been isolated in this situation, now you are sharing so much all around the planet!… hope your day’s going ok x

Gary Wohlman Thanks, Trace. So true, bless Facebook and how it has brought so many isolated souls together in the spirit of community.

Trace Belle i remember being in hospital for 2 weeks with my son and it was such a lifeline…

Gary Wohlman Yes, I feel so supported by the HITH (Hospital in the Home) team, the Neurosurgery Team, and the ID Infectious Disease team from the hospital, along with all the nurses and people who appeared out-of-the-blue to visit. I’m coming to realise, nothing feels so special as sharing the spirit of caring.

Hi Gary I have never met you and don’t usually comment on Facebook. Just wanted to say I have been thinking of you and sending prayers of healing …… one day you will know your purpose even more and why the angels and divine left you on this physical earth. Go forth x

Thank you, Tonina. Bless you for reaching out to me with prayers of healing. In this tender precious fragile delicate vulnerable state I’m in, thoughts and prayers and blessings like yours mean more to me now than ever. I appreciate your staying in touch. Gary

Wendy Greblo Profound realizations from you Gary don’t really come as a surprise given your exposure to an amazing Ray of experiences and variety of people. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom. Tlc to you always.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Wendy. You open me up to share even more, together we open the door…

Stevanne Auerbach Healing and gratitude go hand in hand say thank you everything gets better …Send you love and strength 

Gary Wohlman Thank you

Rita Kazzi Gary is back..!!!
The universe takes out and gives back to u in a much stronger force..⚡️
Uphill much much faster now 

Gary Wohlman What an insight, Rita! And I’ve been convinced of late the only way to move forward is to slow down

How are you, Dr Gary?

Gary Wohlman: Thanks for asking, Tracey. Well, I’m feeling raw, tender, vulnerable, delicate ~ home now since Friday ~ lots of people from FB all over the world (as you can see by my posts on my Gary Wohlman page) are reaching out to me, near and far people like yourself checking in to see what they can do…me, realising it’s time to re-invent myself as I have for so many other souls… time to receive "my own medicine", so to speak…The HITH (Hospital in the Home) team of nurses come to visit me twice every day to give me intravenous antibiotic and destroy any leftover staph in my bloodstream and body… Today I stretched my arm too much and my 45 cm line that’s been surgically implanted in the brachial vein in my arm "migrated" down my arm, so now I’m back to finding fresh veins in my arm to drip the antibiotic, will have to go back in for emergency replacement of the PICC line as soon as there’s a vacancy in the next few days.

Here’s photo of the PICC line that has had to be pulled out of my arm, so instead the ordinary “cannula” temporary hole-in-a-vein drip will be administered with my antibiotic. I’m “on call” for the 1st moment the facility at the Alfred can fit me in to get a new PICC line inserted.

Getting a 3rd MRI of my whole spine and brain this Sunday, walking around a bit more yet I feel I need to take it more easy. I no longer have the inclination to DO DO DO DO DO as I have incessantly before. You were right, Tracey, when you wrote me right after hearing about this recent turn of events, "I can’t imagine you being still, Dr Gary". Now I get to practice that even more, and the art of receiving rather than giving giving giving doing doing doing all the time. I feel like the chrysalis, the still not-yet-born butterfly, wondering who and what will come out of all this?

well it is a sign for you to take a new direction indeed

As the illuminated text in the Course of Miracles states, “Your worth is established not by what you do, yet by who you are”

Clivy Pereira Wish you awesome regenerate.

Karen Wight Yes, Yes, Thank you Gary for sharing and inspiring me.

Gary Wohlman Awww Karen, sooo good to hear from you…

Wow, we go back nearly 40 years!
I remember 1st meeting you in my late 20’s, when you were a champion butterfly swimmer, at a pool in West Los Angeles, then we became friends and lovers. You knew me as “Keneth”, as I was using an adaptation of my middle name then as my preferred way to be called.
Soon after we met, I witnessed your beautiful manner through which you personally addressed by first names and touched w such tender care the cadavers you were dissecting at Pepperdine University as part of a teaching role you were in.
With my pride in having developed my body through being a champion springboard diver, gymnast track star and champion athlete myself up through then, I felt inspired by you to create my first Will ever. 
In it, you’ll recall that I Willed that my body, at the end of this lifetime, would be donated for purposes of experiential anatomy – and to be dissected by you. 
At the time, I couldn’t imagine a more respectful way of entering the afterlife than through your revealing to your anatomy students how one could create a body so fine-tuned w muscles so articulately developed as I. What a way to continue that feeling of closeness I had w you!
A few years later you came to visit me when I moved to Hawaii, then you got into creating sculptures of bodies and have become a professional sculptor in the process.
I remember visiting you once in Sante Fe some 20 again years ago. Then something shocking happened, I recall you broke your back or some life-changing event took place. What was that, actually? How did that experience help you move forward in your life journey and develop wisdom from that experience, pray tell?

I haven’t heard from you in what feels like decades, Karen. So happy to re-connect w you anew. Looking forward to our staying in touch throughout this elder stage of our lives. Bless you, sweet ol’ friend. Forever friends, no ends. Xx Gary (Keneth)

Simeon John: I’m sharing your tears Dr! Thanku, I cry for all of us and sometimes feel like I’m drowning in my own sorrow on the state of the planet. Then I realise these are universal tears not mine. 
A pining for community, tears or relief, grief, joy, gratitude, happiness, sadness, rebirth, cleansing, repentance, intention, empathy… And on… 
The message is the same for all of us always if we choose to receive it.
We are not alone in community, we feel alone when we isolate! That loneliness can be a blissful and sublime experience if we surrender to it. When we return to the whole community, healed, transformed, cleansed, refreshed, broken, open, humble, enlightened…. Ready to serve again.
My life is better for knowing you Dr.
Stay soft and strong xxx

A side note about Simeon. He is serving as a tremendous source of inspiration for me in creating what he describes these writings as my “Book of Faith”, and “collective wisdom”, and encourages me to create a crowd-funding campaign to fund this “conversation with Gods” to reach the widest community possible. From his perspective, this community (of those I am already in dialogue with) opens up a dialogue to a wider community… Thank you for the inspiration, Simeon. I accept permission to be part of, and invite others to be, this larger conversation. A collective consciousness is awakening through my having surrendered and been broken open, so others can be similarly moved to bare their souls. We are aligned in the mission of bringing together once-isolated souls in the spirit of community. …There shouldn’t have to be a tsunami in a person’s life to awaken to this phenomenon we all deserve to share, a new level of evolution in our growing closeness, all as one.

Stewart Dawes

Wow …

Heck of a tale

You probably used up one of your nine lives, have you used up any others? Hopefully still got the other 8 spare If I were you I would print out that “Hospital Dialogues, and beyond” document & put it in a nice binding & then every now & then randomly flick into it & make contact with whoever’s on the page you found. Set up a time when you can give them your listening & counsel via phone & enjoy a soulful deepening of the connection – just a thought anyway … celebrate this new phase as a magical seer of enlightened community … oh hang on you do all that already

Lynnea Brinkerhoff Hello my love…. Gary… Sweetheart…. I did not know of this truly profound challenge you are having!!! So sorry honey… And yet I hear that you are receiving what you most need now. Please add my goodness to the growing mountain of love and healing prayer that is out there for you. I love you dear Gary. You know this. You always have. For this, I thank you

Gary Wohlman Bless you dearest Lynnea. I’ve wondered when I would hear from you again. Ever since we met in the San Francisco Bay area 20 years ago, you have become one of my closest friends.
The moment I felt closest to my now deceased mother in this life was the night you visited me in NYC at her apartment – where I was visiting from Australia.
It was a year before she suddenly passed over in her sleep, just hours before I hopped onto a plane to celebrate her 90th birthday.
In that night we shared together at my mom’s place, I will always remember our walking into her bedroom at 3 in the morning. My mom, so full of physical and emotional pain in that moment, appeared more open than ever to feeling my love – through you my dear, as a conduit. In those indelible moments you created a bridge between our souls as I never felt I could myself.
I miss you, dear friend – so close and so far away.
Xx Gary

Yvonne Martin: Hello Gary you had been popping up in my mind last few days i understand why now.. peace calm and stillness so important human being instead if always doing. .. ive been on similar health crises over recent times and parallels …blessings Gary your loved and appreciated by so many xx

…….and reaching new levels of surrender

Well done Gary on getting through what must have been a traumatic episode for you. Your doing so so well… … it does show does it not that western medicine with all its objectors does have its place.. These procedures your undergoing are also routine for our premmie babies in Nicu who came out from the womb extra early and in as much as 20 yrs ago would simply die yet today through medical advances they survive miraculously. They are dependant on this medical technology yes PICC lines and Uvc Uac lines we put in babies weighing no more than 500grams ect…a very delicate situation requiring acute medical skill and they have numerous lines for medicine and nutrition through PICC which they’d otherwise be unable to obtain thus would not be compatible with life. Also the various respiratory life support technology we have them on in ICU. You’ve got to hand it to the medical world it has its place and so valuable are the workers who work within this field as it is nit easy in hospitals…. on another note i was wondering Gary have you thought of holding webinars from home gosh it would be an idea for you while your recovering and if you were itching to get moving but with more stillness. Im not sure if this is useful…otherwise disregard. Goodness me you could find yourself being in a good position to coach ppl through health things too. Finding courage through health adversity, I know I could be giving myself that advice too… blessings of the new libra moon may the winds carry you forwards in health and wellness and prosperity xxxx

Awww, Bless you for reaching out to me as you have just now…so much of what you’ve said rings true. And yes, I have a renewed respect for the medical support and technology that had saved my life. I still gotta get my head around doing webinars, preferring even now in my forced stillness the physicality of sharing my wisdom and expce. I feel moved to do more "Speaking from the Heart" individual Skype and group sessions, less body work from now on, after the new PICC line is removed just before I fly up to Syd for my next monthly visit 20 Oct. Happy to connect more with you, too, I’ll send you the "Hospital Dialogues, and Beyond" piece I’ve been creating to make sense of all that’s just happened. I welcome and appreciate your continued reflections, dear sweet precious soul Yvonne. Love always, tenderised Gary

Joanne Terkel Hi Gary, I just heard you were unwell! I hope you’re doing better now and are on the road to recovery. I’m sending you lots of love and healing light. xxxx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Joanne, I just had a near-death expce ~ slowly coming out of it now. To understand what has happened w me, visit my FB posts and people’s comments since 9 Sept. I appreciate hearing from you and your well wishes, bless you. Gary

Joanne Terkel That’s very scary for you and I’m glad and relieved you’re coming out of it. Love and blessings to you. xx

Gary Wohlman Thanks, Joanne Much appreciated.

Jim Berenholtz  sending you lots of love and healing energy, brother Gary. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers across the miles and across the ages. You WILL get through this and be the vibrant being we all know you to be

Bless you, ol’ friend. Appreciating your thoughts and prayers, I’m attaching a piece called "Hospital Dialogues, and beyond" I’ve been passionately creating since this ordeal began 3 weeks ago . Please read it and share with me your reflections, wisdoms and revelations. Wonderful hearing from you, I’m grateful to your staying in touch with me… Love & Blessings near and far, Gary …over the myriad of stages, ages, and sages that connect us

Thanks Gary, I will read your words and get back to you.. Channelling adversity into art that uplifts is a gift we both share, and it makes us stronger too

Ivana Gitana Praying for you!

Pat Macwhirter Hope it all goes well…

Gary Wohlman Thanks Pat. Thoughtful of you to think of me, much appreciated. Bless you.

Linda Tomasiello Love and blessings for the strongest person I know xxo

Kaaren Day You are so brave going through this doorway. Light is with you xoxo

Jeanette Wight ·

Keep on a healing. Sending ❤ & healing your way

Kathy Creamer Byrne Luethje Glad you made it through prayers!

Gary Wohlman Hi Kathy, good hearing from you after more than 10 years have passed since we met at the Creativity Conference in Florida. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and staying in touch with me… Bless you

Gary Wohlman Hey great hearing from you Kathy, after more than a decade has come and gone since we met at the Creativity Conference in Florida. Touched that you’ve reached and shared your well wishes and prayers with me, happy to continue staying in touch…Life is a lot more delicate and fragile than I had any idea. This was a close call for me. so many from so far and so long ago have reached out to connect, it

Karen Kolenc More healing prayers 

Aww thank you Karen, every bit goes a long, long way. Xx

Alfie Kleitsch That’s a very intense episode that you’ve been working through recently. I wish that you continue to remain strong and complete the healing process.

Message I sent to poet, author, storyteller Mark Nepo in New York:

Dear Mark, I applaud you. Having just returned home from a near-death sudden staph infection that abscessed and headed up my spine towards my brain, I have just had emergency spinal surgery to save my life. From having an identity for the last 65 years as the most alive and active human I have ever met, the epitome of physicality, my old identity has been torn asunder… Time to invent myself anew. Of all the wondrous things that have happened during this last 3 weeks ordeal, the singular most healing experience I’ve had laying flat-on-my back is listening for nearly 30 hours to your magnificently moving audiobooks. Bless you, Mark. As a fellow New York Jew who has migrated to the other side of the world in Australia to find my voice and be heard, I have become an innovative body-centred presentation coach to assist others to take a stand for their lives. I’d appreciate your reading the recent posts on my "Gary Wohlman" home FB page profile – revealing my reflections and awakenings since Sept 9th when this humungous rite-of-passage began – fuelled thank you largely through my listening to your warmth , wisdom and witty words.

Ahhh, the sweet smell of spring flowers blooming ~ wafting the walking way into the back entrance of my home


Rita Kazzi That’s my favourite Jasmine

Gary Wohlman mine too, scent so sweeet

Rita Kazzi I also have most of my perfumes with the jasmine scent as well

Gary Wohlman Ah yes, Jasmine… I recall that one enlightened master has suggested to his followers, to gain self-composure and inner self-reflection and self nurturing, have a cup of jasmine tea.

Jan Mowka I had a fence filled with jasmine in my San Rafael home. Loved it

Gary Wohlman smells so good

Karen Rostagno So blessed to be home and enjoying Mother Nature’s fragrances.

Gary Wohlman Yes, Karen, "there’s no place like home" ( Wizard of Oz)

Amara Pagano Good to see this and hear of you…. may your healing continue.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Amara
With my entire lower half of my back surgically cut open and feeling as though I’ve been freshly pieced back together and sewn up like a manikin, I’m just starting to take walks w my walker and move again. I feel like I died in one body and awakened in another I don’t recognise. My previous relationship I’ve heralded all my life to "devotion-to-motion" and being physically “fluid, flexible and free” feels severely compromised. 
Grateful I’ve survived this near-death ordeal, I pray I will one day look back on this rite-of-passage as one of the greatest blessings ever in this human life.
Bless you, Amara. Allways, Gary


"Anything’s Possible "

A sign ‘along the road’

Jay Jam exactly 😉

Maralyn Ann Nash Awesome Gary Wohlman !

Gary Wohlman
hint of rainbow inspires fresh hope in what is to come

Life calls to life:

Stevanne Auerbach Yes!!


Ahhh, spring!


Stevanne Auerbach A butterfly fluttering in your garden

Rita Kazzi Yes it sure is  and daylight savings is here on the weekend too
Yippeee, summer is just around the corner 


Inspirational Quotes

After having a chance to read and re-read the vast number of moving messages sent to me during the life-threatening siege I’ve gone though over the last few weeks, today in a spare moment I felt to take off the wrapping for a little box of “Thank You” Gratitude cards I never felt inclined to open before. Some of the sayings leaped out at me, meaning more than they ever could – had I opened the package one moment before. Glad I waited nearly a year to open up this gift, as I’m fully ready to receive the wisdom of these wonderful witty words now.

“When kindness or understanding happens, there is no greater delight”. William Bolcom

“Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we shall have each other”. Joshua Loth Liebman

“How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!” George Elliston

“We can always depend on some people to make the best, instead of the worst, of whatever happens”. Sandra Wilde

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”. Mother Teresa

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest complement, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”.
Leo Buscaglia

“…there is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings”. J. Robert Moskin

“There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn, touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know”. William Bradfield

“Some people add so much beauty to being human”. Kobi Yamada

‘We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives”. John F. Kennedy

And here’s a quote from one of my favourite poets, Jalāl ad-Dīn

Rumi, the 13th century Sufi Mystic, that just popped up “out of the blue” on my computer screen:

And here, another quote from Rumi, again mysteriously appears:

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form”

Rainbow outside my kitchen window:

19 October 2016

Wonderful how the universe mirrors our internal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states…

Now that I’ve activated the "re-set button" in starting anew w my transformed life, just a minute ago I picked up my upgraded Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. It’s fresh out-of-the-box, and so am I…

While my recent health siege has been consuming my time, energy and attention over the last couple of months, I felt moved to call my phone carrier and at last let them know them that my old model was not working correctly. They were happy to give me an early upgrade, waive the penalty for breaking my contact a year early, and send me my preferred model.

This photo, with my new phone, the accompanying untouched “Welcome” sign that I picked up years ago from the still-smouldering ashes of a store blown up during the Bali bombing and gorgeous glowing piece of selenite crystal (also new!) proudly displayed in my home office, all symbolise a renewed me coming through.

Just like the legendary phoenix bird rising out of its own ashes, I am born anew.

One of my operating principles in this life is, whenever there is a breakdown, loss or injury in any form, to make it a practice to always upgrade from whatever earlier model served a now outmoded purpose before.

"This or something greater is meant for me"

This joyful discipline sets us all free.

PS And that ain’t all, folks: As I step out into the world anew, getting ready to travel for the 1st time in months beyond the confines of hospital and home, tomorrow I’ll be the featured speaker presenting my signature presentation "Speaking from the Heart " at the PSA Professional Speakers Association meeting in Sydney.

Yes! The spirit of renewal, and fresh life, is indeed in the air! I always associate the colour red with the spirit of awakening, initiating new beginnings. Look below and you will see me in a new silk suit jacket I just bought today. Eccentric, classy and full of character, this piece also represents a warm-hearted grateful new me coming through…


Jeanette Wight Go Gary!

Gary Wohlman Yes!

Deepthi Amin Gary, Super happy to see you back in action. Big love and hug 

Kate Willesee  red jacket!

Gary Wohlman yes Yes YES !!!!! A’ celebrating "re-new-me_yes"

Kate Willesee Gary Wohlman nice refresh look!

Solomon Sikirdji shaloha. Looking great. Blessings on all the newness in your life. Aloha

Kaaren Day Looking fabulous Elijah.

Jonathan Szetho Good 4 u 

Bev Aisbett Contacting you on my gorgeous, sexy S7 too! Mine’s gold. Looking great, Gary (and really, so soon!)

Shae Elise So happy to hear, Elijah! And the red jacket is marvellous!

Jennifer Maree Hogan Love this inspirational
Have an awesome trip

Christopher Evatt Congratulations Gary on the new, unlimited version of you. Watch out world!!

Manuela Christener U look so good! So happy u are better!!

Yehudit Koadlow You look very dashing; as usual. Maybe we can catch up next Thursday ?? Xx

Judy Dawes Lovely thoughts.

Lisa Rene’ Bonner Suave

Gary Wohlman Absoluement.
And hey ~ You found that marvellous suit, wonderful you!

Sam Kephart Good on YOU!

CB Tragash So happy to read these words!

Gary Wohlman a new lease…
…of unleashing…
Spreading my wings anew 
stepping with care
up the next step 
of the spiral staircase

Judy Dawes Please take care, otherwise you will not be feeling so good again.

Gary Wohlman so true, thanks for the mindfulness – much appreciated…

Susan Joyce Proctor Amber Phoenix

Gary Wohlman Amber Phoenix indeed. Wisdom rises with fresh light, miracles reborn in the mythic murmuring glow of amber ashes.

Susan Joyce Proctor Many blessings to you on all your new beginnings

Patrick Netter great to see you up and about my man!!!!

Simone Aybar Onwards and upwards

Sandy B Simmons Look at you – wow – a very different Gary with a huge 

Gary Wohlman And what a HUGE life-transforming rite-of-passage this is turning out to be!

Sandy B Simmons Gary Wohlman absolutely 

Bronwyn Holm Like it!

Adam Taylor Gary Wohlman…your CARDSITE will look very nice on it !

Stevanne Auerbach way to go!
Well and joyful 
Grateful for news and inspiration

Marie Bee BRAVO you made it thru the ordeal: a new man, and whole, Wohlman!

Kate Clement Gorgeous!

Linda Tomasiello I’m loving that shop your modelling in front of. I’m coming to Melbourne next Friday for a week maybe catch up for a coffee xx

Paula Skogsbergh Mantel Great color!

Donna Elliott Looking very healthy.

Susanna Schauer So thrilled to see u flourishing again

Ann Sinclair dapper daddy !!

Gary Wohlman Indeed

Sandy B Simmons I have a friend – Annette Densham – she heard you speak [at the Professional Speakers Association] last night – seems like a fabulous night – can’t believe you’re in Sydney – so much can happen so quickly you dapper young man 

Gary Wohlman Yes Sandy, so happy to be moving forward w fresh opportunities, and a renewed me

Jacqui Dreessens Awesomeness

Anna Pontonio Iodice wonderful! 
mamma mia, great to see you looking so well again Gary. Xx

Judy Dawes You definitely practise what you preach……what a great person you are.
Gary Wohlman Awww Judy, Bless you.

Lesley Stronach Good to see you looking so well Gary !

Gary Wohlman Thanks, Lesley. A renewed me is emerging.

Sophie Trpcevski Good to see you up and about Gary Wohlman xx

Gary Wohlman Good to be able to move anew

Jan Pehrson Look healthy. Awesome !\

Mary Angelique Mikhael So so happy you are well my friend!! So much love your way  M&J 
Gary Wohlman  Every little bit helps, M&J Bless you.


18 October 2016

Fantastic news, everybody!

Today my PICC catheter tube line connecting my brachial vein to my heart was removed entirely at the Alfred Hospital, meaning I’m no longer having to take intravenous antibiotic drips twice-a-day. And I am formally discharged now as an "in-patient".

I also turned in my walker that I’ve needed for this last month to offset having to carry anything, as I used the basket in the seat to put groceries and not strain my back. I am going off pain medications today, as well.

In a couple of days, I’ll be able to immerse my body underwater and swim again. From this day forward I go on the "tail" end of the treatment plan, taking a strong oral antibiotic for 6 weeks.

I can begin to move again, stretch and in a few days venture out onto the movement meditation dance floors. Whoopee! I feel like I’ve just been freed from prison. Renewed FREEDOM & a transformed life begins anew.

It’s not all sweetness and roses, however. I feel like I’ve died (nearly did, phew that was close!) in one body (the fluid, agile, acrobatic gymnastic body I’ve identified with all my life until now), and am now carrying around a body whose lower back feels like it’s been all sewn together (it has), the sensations of which resemble an 8 inch stiff piece of wood or cardboard where all the staples and surgical incisions were applied.

Nevertheless, no matter how challenging to move forward in this unfamiliar way, it IS a new day, a fresh outlook, and the sun is shining.


Hellen Andalis Gary Wohlman your outlook is inspiring. You’ve taken your positivity coaching to a new level. Thank-you for your open-hearted sharing. We danced with you on the weekend – you were awesome!

Gary Wohlman Awww Hellen, we have danced so many weekend workshop together. I feel touched that you danced with me on the weekend, and would like to know how you were able to do that with me in consciousness since my body was not there…Feeling blessed to be included by all, thank you so much…

Hellen Andalis Madhuma mentioned you and another dancer currently in need of support, so that we could all hold you in our thoughts and our intention as we explored ‘Power’ x

Sherry Dimple Looking forward to see you at dance sometime x

Gary Wohlman How about this Sunday Radiance Dance in Sydney? I’m planning on being there, and this one being my first 5 Rhythms class I will have danced at in nearly 2 months, the longest gap ever between classes for me – having been used to dancing 4-5 times a week for the last 45 years!

Sheridan Morris It’s the only time you want to be in the "out" crowd!

Yehudit Koadlow Hi Elijah, I’m so pleased to hear your progress. When I’m over my chest infection I’ll visit xx

Gary Wohlman I’d like that, ol’ friend Yehudit

Stuart Schreiber ROCK ON GARY!!!

Gary Wohlman Yes Stuart, ’tis so true – As I see it, the only way through a skid is not to avoid it, yet to move all the way through. From a spiritual perspective, all that has happened up to now, including any seeming imperfections in our lives have all happened to get us to where we are right now – embracing more than ever before, being fully integrated into the larger whole, All That Is.

Solomon Sikirdji Blessings on this great news. However. Do not rush to much. Go with ease and grace thru this last part of your healing. Shaloha from. Israel

Gary Wohlman Ahh, wise Solomon, I take your words to heart, learning the wisdom of moving slowly…trusting ease and grace, the true art.

Kaaren Day Hey, great news. New moments, new joys, new challenges and new surprises. Enjoy.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Kaaren. Feeling deeply blessed, filled with appreciation and gratitude and so thankful for connecting anew with you, through all I’m just moving through…

Trace Belle two steps forward ! xx

Martin Farrugia Gary, you inspire even when you where in excruciating pain. Your sharing of how close you came, the way you have embraced and found great lessons from your past few months is a true testament that from adversity there is opportunity to learn the power of ones self and how the power of ones mind, positive outlook and looking forward to new adventures & experiences is so important. Thank you for taking us with you. Love ❤ & hugs Martin & Kylie

Gary Wohlman Awww, Bless you beautiful souls, Martin & Kylie

Nici Campfire you are inspiring – wishing you well xox

Gary Wohlman So happy to have you stay in touch with me through this rite-of-passage journey, Nici …Even though we are now on the opposite sides of the earth, I feel closer to you than ever…

Chris Kehlar Brilliant News. Enjoy your new found Freedom. Xx

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Chris. I’m deeply grateful for your staying in touch with me.

Jason Fisher Good on you Gary!
Congratulations on moving forward! And it’s so good you are so positive!!
Wonderful news!

Gary Wohlman Yes, Jason. Given the alternatives, making it a moment-to-moment practice to return to innocence (inner-sense) and a blank slate, an open canvas, feels like the best way to go. My choice, rejoice!

Peter Gleeson We gave you a special cheer at Menergy after you turned up, ran a workshop and left. You are a hero in the eyes of many. Lots of good reports about your workshop as well.

Gary Wohlman Aww Peter, it felt so right to drive up 3 hours to the Menergy retreat and back, if only to have the opportunity between my morning and evening intravenous injections of antibiotics at home to meet, engage with and embrace 200 fellow men… and the sacred responsibility that compelled me to share from my depths in offering a 90 minute workshop…To witness one man after another stepping into their own version of vulnerability as strength in my session, to model bringing out the best in all of us, made the whole day (and my spirits) come alive, beyond what I could ever expect. So grateful…
Peter Gleeson It was a pity you couldn’t have joined the rest of us elders. There were 3 times when we were given respect and praise from the younger men. One of the guys in his 70’s said that it was strange to not be treated like a child. A great awakening is happening and we are there as guides. Thankyou for your contribution and example.

Haluk Suleyman Great news ;coming back from death is an epic journey

Gary Wohlman New life blossoms in the unknown and unfamiliar now…

Louise Mahler Well done Gary Wohlman. What a trail it has been.

Gary Wohlman Yes Louise, and now to blaze a trail as never before~ with fresh sensitivities, awakenings and awareness, time to open a new door…

Judy Dawes Wonderful news Gary. You can now heave a sigh of relief.

Kathy Oravec Congratulations keep the flow 

Gary Wohlman Yes fellow dancer and lover of movement, appreciating your suggestion of "keeping the flow" …with a bit more of slow being my renewed go

Ann Sinclair faaaantastic..!!

Jeanette Wight Wow fantastic news! So glad 

Justyna Piechutowska Good to hear of your progress Gary!

Gary Wohlman replied · 1 Reply

David Newton Good to see you’re getting well Gary, I notice you’re speaking in Sydney at the Professional Speakers Assn hope all goes well for the event

Gary Wohlman Thanks David. Good to feel your support and encouragement, near and far. Sydney, here we come!

Tracey Hall So happy for you

Gary Wohlman What a ride!

Paula Skogsbergh Mantel Halleluiah!!!! So happy for you!!! XO

Gary Wohlman new lease on life, Paula

Amrita Tiana Auer You are so courageous Gary, thank you for sharing with such vulnerability and acceptance. Hugs from your adored Sydney (but I went there for work not for dancing halas….) xoxox  

Gary Wohlman Near and far, Amrita, good to hear and feel your love , caring and support ~ wherever we are…

Angela Payne So happy to hear you are recovering! Sending you love!

Gary Wohlman Bless you, sweet Angela ~ wherever you are in the world right now. You know, every bit of ray of sunshine makes this place brighter. Filled with light, Illumined is our almighty right.

Komang Sukana Sound good Gary…good for you.. But be careful for next punctures..god bless you.. Love from my family in Bali..!!!

Lynnea Brinkerhoff Wow baby!!! Can hardly imagine this. Gary, I am loving you, thx for keeping us updated

Caryn Love top attitude

Lynne Velling Wow, yes. Such full sharing from a man who’s been through so much. May you continue in the flow of healing….best. Prayers.

James Bahuth Good to hear your recovery process is moving forward…happy to give you a bodywork/Yoga Therapy session soon…

Barbara Hoffer WWoo, Yahoo, such great news about your progress, renewal from your core and more

Karen Kolenc Phew – you’ve been through such a life threatening/ changing experience Gary, may you continue to heal & grow from this challenging "Blessing" 

Rochelle Rice May you dance (slowly but intentionally) with sheer joy! 

Christina Howe Such good news… Sending you love 

Sandy B Simmons So good to hear your news Gary, ahhh… freedom! Sending healing love vibes along the ethers for your strength and tenacity to enable the flow of recovery to continue onwards and upwards… 

Rita Kazzi Yippeee..!!!!
Time for celebrations 

Jacqui Dreessens Wonderful to hear. 

Sonia Macaro YaY!!!

Stuart Schreiber 

Gary – I hardly know you (only met once!), but I somehow feel like a kindred spirit. Your present recovery is uniquely fascinating to me because for (correct me if I’m wrong) a lifelong lover of movement and communication and healing and light-heartedness (like me!) to have recently endured what you describe and to emerge the other side largely incapacitated but somehow (thank God!) ready to Rock and Roll and embrace life anew… well, I am fascinated and moved!

Violet Browne Awesome Gary. Congratulations . Use your mental energy to rebuild your body

Ros Brenner Wow! Didn’t realise you’d been through that! Blessings if healing to you

Gaby Company Congratulations. All the best

Jan Mowka Wow. That is good news. What kind of amazing humbling work will come out of this experience ???? Time will tell.

Valerie Orton Good on you Gary – excellent news…

Joseph Streisfeld So glad to hear it. All the best to you.

Brigitte Stellar Freespirit Great news…Celebration joy good health loving life!

Gary Wohlman Yes!

Deepthi Amin Gary, Super happy to see you back in action. Big love and hug 

Stevanne Auerbach way to go!
Well and joyful 
Grateful for news and inspiration

Marie Bee BRAVO you made it thru the ordeal: a new man, and whole, Wohlman!

Sam Kephart Good on YOU!

CB Tragash So happy to read these words!

Gary Wohlman a new lease…
…of unleashing
Spreading my wings anew 
stepping with care
up the next step 
of the spiral staircase

Susan Joyce Proctor Amber Phoenix

Gary Wohlman Amber Phoenix indeed.
Wisdom rises with fresh light,
miracles reborn in mythic murmuring glow of amber ashes.

Susan Joyce Proctor Many blessings to you on all your new beginnings

Gary Wohlman Thanks, Susan. Every bit of intention indeed goes a long way. Bless you for your own unique integration of intention and elevated emotion. All is possible from this place…


5 October 2016

Great news on my progress!

1) I returned from my 1st visit w the Neurosurgery team at the Alfred hospital since leaving as an inpatient 2 weeks ago, and found out from this week’s blood test that the CRP (Creatin Reactive Protein) Inflammation marker (showing the degree of infection still present in my body) is now down to 4, 3 being normal. That’s down from 13 a week ago and down from 417 (OMG!) just before having the emergency spinal surgery. I had no idea how close I was to "losing it" (either the use of my legs or my whole body) at the peak of my excruciating pain 3 weeks ago.

2) This week’s full spine and brain scan MRI results show that what was an infected swollen abscess that extended from L2 to T12 is now a deflated sac w some leftover pus (white blood cells) that will soon be eaten up, dissolved and eliminated from my system during the next few weeks of continued antibiotic, on its way to shrivel up and disappear forever.

3) The Neurosurgery team told me I’m making such good progress, they no longer need or want to see me again – reporting that my excellent muscular tone and robust vitality I’ve kept up all my life is streamlining the healing process.

4) Just 2 more weeks to go, and I’ll be taken off the twice-a-day intravenous antibiotic drip and go on to oral antibiotics – meaning I’ll then be able to use both of my arms again without the PICC line catheter tube stuck inside me restricting my ability to move. This will allow me to begin doing more activity, swimming and stretching than just being able to walk w a walker (whoah, there’s still too much pain in my lower back to carry anything on my shoulders)

5) Fresh hope begins and a transformed me is preparing to come out of the chrysalis cocoon I’ve been incubating in during this sudden siege and rite-of-passage…

A more fully integrated identity, with a healthy renewed balance between beingness and doingness, is preparing to emerge in the growing light "at the end of the tunnel"


Nadya Peshevska: Woah Gary… How seriously intense. And you are amazing to have come through this, shock, pain and trauma. Your writing shows an advanced perspective on the experience in sharing this with others and transformation of the Self. I’m very grateful that you have emerged through this which such heightened insight and love, a deeper love. Thank you for connecting with me to share

Lauren Scott So happy to hear of your amazing progress towards healing Dr Gary after such a serious health scare.

Gary Wohlman Thanks for aligning with me in seeing progress emerge, Rebel. Every bit of thought and prayerful intention goes a long way, streamlining the healing process even more.

Naomi Lushlish Fantastic news Gary.. Now time to gently regain strength do you’re fit for the dance floor again xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Naomi

Barbara Hoffer Amazing progress~and wonderful news, WWoo!

David Wilsn Smashing that recovery brother! 

Emily Cardell Wonderful news.

Milan Viskovich Good news!

Gary Wohlman It is!

Kylie Farrugia Great news x

Gary Wohlman Yes, Kylie

Bronwyn Holm Amen for this news and amen for the fight of yr life passing rapidly gracefully and elegantly now. Amen and so it is

Gary Wohlman Yes Bronwyn, appreciating the wisdom and well-wishing of your warm witty words

Hulya Kazanaksu Such wonderfully good news from your medical visit. So happy that all is progressing even better than doctors thought. Trusting that all will be well soon.

Gary Wohlman A transformed and transforming me, better for my own eyes and the whole world to see

Madhuma Thompson-Ramsey Good going Elijah. Wow… what a surprising journey. Sending you love.

Gary Wohlman Yes, Madhuma ~ and you were one of the very 1st that greeted me in hospital, just after my sudden surprise surgery that turned out saving my life! Feeling blessed by the caring you and so many other souls have shown, giving me fresh uplift to shift from an old identity of feeling so different and eccentric and isolated to embrace the love from a global community of caring concern. Lifting me up to embrace connection with myself and others as never before, together (what else are we here for, anyway?), we open the door

Jay Jam Such amazing progress under such a bizzare occurrance!?? So inspiring Gary. Thank you 

Liz Rutledge What a fantastic relief! Thanks for keeping us all in the know!

Gary Wohlman replied · Thanks Liz ~ thanks for keeping me in the glow

Lesley Stronach Glad you are doing so well Gary thinking of you and wishing you ongoing good health once this is behind you.

Gary Wohlman Slowly slowly slowly the train pulls out of the station, heading for destinations unknown

Rita Kazzi Yippee..!!!
Awesome news Gary 
The only way is up 

Michelle Mahrer Great News Elijah holding you in the healing field

Jason Fisher Big shifts indeed!
Keep shining !

Leila Simon Boakes Very happy for you, well done xx

Alyson Michelle Wolverton Wonderful news Gary Wohlman 

Jerry Penny Keep up the speedy recovery!!

Paula Skogsbergh Mantel Amen Gary. Yeah!!! Curious what you have been eating through all this, too. Big hugs for your continued and complete healing. Love you!

Tracey Hall Fantastic Gary

Steve Brossman great to hear you with us to tell about it

Jackie Walsh Great news 

Karen Wight Congratulations Gary….I am so glad you are alive!

Amrita Tiana Auer Congratulations Gary for this amazing healing step, it is wonderful. And so great that you have been taking great care of your body with your daily routine for all these years…
Hugs and hip hip hip hurray!

Komang Sukana May god bless you Gary.. GWS..!!!!

Teresa Ann Foxworthy Yay!! So delighted to hear that you’re feeling better and better!! More fun ahead!!

Violet Browne So pleased for you Gary. Just went through that for 3 days with IV and that enough. Well done on your faith and tenacity. Blessings xx

Felicity Dales Wow 

Gayle Factor such wonderful news… you are an absolute inspiration!!

Samantha Parker Sounds wonderful 

Ann Sinclair ➿❄️❄️☔️☮☯❤️✨⭐☁️ I’m sending you healing rainbows of love within, throughout and around your body.. bless you brother

Kaaren Day Well done you. So excited for you. You deserve a party,. What a joy to know you are doing so well.

Gary Wohlman Hey Kaaren, thanks for your constant posts and staying in touch with me during this personally challenging time…Bless you

Kaaren Day You are so easy to love back. All the joy you have shed around the place is unforgettable. If only a speck compared to your divine enthusiasm is returned from me to you, well that is something. Boy, you are an inspiration. So happy you have pulled through Gary Elijah. I mean it, so many of us have been touched by your shimmering presence and we don’t want to lose you. (I Think it fine to speak for others as I can see them nodding in the ethers.) Until we meet for a good old chin wag and possible seaside walk and chai..

Marie Bee ah BON, TOUT VA BIEN. HAPPPYYYY ! enjoy the bonus, AHAH

Gary Wohlman Mercie Marie

Leanne Faraday-Brash Go from strength to strength Gary.

Gary Wohlman Great suggestion, Leanne ~ and in this new chapter moving forward with greater balance, integration, and kindness – with a new-found healthy harmony between doing and being

Anne-Maree Huxley So so so pleased for you Gary. May love fun n good health abound! 

Gary Wohlman taking it slow this time around…

Karen Ostenried I was so shocked to hear what happened the other week. Do they know how the abscess started? Wow you were lucky you are still alive and able to use your arms and legs.

Gary Wohlman I AM lucky, indeed, Karen. Have a view of my recent posts to see how all this has suddenly emerged over the last few weeks. Uncertain how it started, for sure, yet I have my sense of how. Yet how quick! OMG! Bless you for your caring thoughts

Bev Aisbett Knew you’d get there with a spirit like yours! Well done, Gary 🙂

Solomon Sikirdji Yeah. May the healing continue ya Shafee yaKhafee. God is the healer. God is the remedy. Blessings.Gary: Ah, yes Solomon, that ya Shafee ya Kafee Sufi blessing has always been one of my favourites. Blessed Be, the reminder from thee…

Aparna Spark Lad Wow this is such wonderful news Gary your courage and determination are strong and your spirit fierce. Thank you so much for sharing your updates and reflections. Sending you warmest hugs and prayers for remarkable healing and recovery 

Stevanne Auerbach Thank Goodness for all of this good news
Keep healing and transforming

Manuela Christener Much love to you

Rike Wolz Happy to hear that

Karen Kolenc Oh such great news Gary – yay, yahoo, hip hip hurray 
So glad your healing so quickly from such a life threatening experience. Well done for keeping your body so fit. 
Wishing you all the best in finding your balance between "being & doing" such an important lesson. Much loving prayers 

Nici Campfire This is one amazing recovery story! I am so pleased to hear you are getting better every day. Sending healing prayers and blessings your way. Love xo

Gary Wohlman Ohhh Thanks Nici, not out of the woods yet…I’m still only just able to walk, until my twice-a-day intravenous antibiotic drip and PICC line catheter tube are removed in 2 weeks
Then I can begin movement and activity anew, a new new chapter of life emerges where I feel moved to practice more conscious stillness and a greater balance between doing and being from a more integrated and whole point-of-view
I really appreciate your being in touch with me through this rite-of-passage of passage ordeal ( and beyond), for if anything has awakened in me from this sudden siege and near-death scare, it’s what a difference it makes to allow more love and kindness in from all the people (like yourself) who deeply care. Xx Gary

Jeanette Wight Wow great news Gary Wohlman I’ll say it again what a journey! 

Michelle Patrice Besides strong muscles and a healthy body and mind I believe you have a strong team of angels working with you, so grateful to all of your angels….xo

Gary Wohlman Awww, thanks Michelle – every little bit goes a long way…

Kate Willesee
: [sends emoticon with the words “LIVE FAST”]

Gary Wohlman Live fast? I’m just starting to enjoy living slow. Taking more time to take more time, to embrace special moments deeply feeling with those who care, to trust what matters the most – the gifts of spaciousness and presence we are all here to share. Thank you for all of your caring, Kate. Bless you. Gary

Annie Kallis Sending love . Thank you for keeping us updated with your progress. You are an inspiration.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Annie. Indeed, we’re here to lift each other up to heights we could never get to all alone.

Danuta Stansall What an amazing adventure and BACK. So glad to hear you are so tenacious and ‘flipped’ the infection out of your spine. I respect your intention to be more of a human being than a ‘human doing’. 
Rest and now just BE. 
I know its difficult in our busy western world. 
Best wishes always Xx

Gary Wohlman Love your feedBACK, dear Danuta ~ yes, your thoughts are comforting, confirming and consolidating my renew~me’ed be-Be-BE~tterfly coming out of an old life of do-DO-DOING…Moving forward now with greater consciousness than ever, with deepest gratitude,Gary


4 October 2016

Just returned from my 1st visit this week to the Alfred Hospital, where I’ve had a new "permanent" PICC catheter tube line surgically inserted into my brachial vein heading towards the main vena cava into my heart. See picture below.

This will make it easier for THIH (The Hospital in the Home) nursing team to continue dripping the twice-a-day intravenous antibiotic into my body for 2 more weeks, to kill Kill KILL any leftover staphlococci bacteria remaining in my bloodstream, to prevent even 1 leftover bacterium from getting away and then party Party PARTY into proliferation- as they love to do – all over again.

Appreciating the power of all of your prayers and our shared intentions for optimal well-being, both for myself and all of us.

Time to re-invent ourselves as never before, together we open the door


the temporary cannula tube in my vein, where the twice-a-day antibiotic is dripped through before the new PICC line is implanted

 Serious stuff. You are doing so very well. Xx


3 October 2016

Moments ago, I received a call from the Radiology Dept of the Alfred Hospital.

Good news ~ After 4 days, I’ve just got past the "waiting list" and have been accepted to get a new PICC line catheter tube surgically inserted into my arm tomorrow, making it easier to receive the next two weeks of twice-a-day intravenous antibiotic drip by the HITH (Hospital in the Home) nursing team.

That means I won’t have to have them poking fresh holes in my veins every 4 days to insert the temporary cannula tube there, which will minimise the risk of infection and make it easier for that "permanent" PICC implant for the next fortnight to administer the antibiotic drip and kill Kill KILL any leftover staphloccocus aureas bacteria which otherwise would be waiting to party and proliferate all over again through my body.

Another step on the spiral staircase of time…

Komang Sukana I hope step by step you get well soon Gary.. Strong enough my friend .. You can..!!!

Gary Wohlman yes, Komang, step-by-step feels like the way to go… Say, how do you translate in Indonesian the expression: "Slowly, slowly, gets the monkey" ?

Komang Sukana Pelan- pelan mendapat Monyet"

Debra Burrell Gary, sounds like you are managing this totally unexpected turn ifs events regarding your health with grace and optimism. Sending you my best wishes for a complete recovery.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Debra. I appreciate your taking the time to connect with me. I recall when we connected through the National Speakers Association in NYC years ago – when you were considering me to be a speaker for your group and we were exploring my offering you assistance with my transformational body therapy – that you also had some challenging health situation at the time. Curious, what lessons and gifts came out of your own personal rite-of-passage?

Samantha Joyful Grave You are an awesome trooper!! Love to you xx

Gary Wohlman Gee thanks Samantha…So many ways to travel, hey? Outside, inside ~ discovering new pathways from within…

Samantha Rennie Well you do have great veins for poking but that is wonderful news. I’m surprised you didn’t get one while you were in.

Gary Wohlman I DID, Samantha, yes I got a PICC line surgically implanted just a few days before leaving hospital 10 days ago. Sometimes these PICC lines "migrate" inside the brachial vein where they were inserted, that’s what happened with me, the 45 cm of tubing travelled down my arm… It had to be hand-pulled out by the visiting HITH Hospital in the home nurse – like a thread from a woven tapestry – once it was clear that it wasn’t working anymore. So my ‘great veins’ have been poked a couple of times since, waiting for the now much-anticipated call that will lead to the 2nd PICC line implantation on the morrow. Whoo Wee!

Ruby Usman Yayyyyy to your hanging in there…
Love and hugs xx

Danuta Stansall I am grateful to hear you’re progressing so well for a young bloke. 

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Danuta. I appreciate your sense of humour, me 65 years young ~ and ‘recalming’ my life from a wiser, elder, ageless, balanced perspective as I’ve never felt inclined to before

Ari Amala Sending much love your way Gary. Sounds like a hugely challenging time.  Glad to see you receiving love and support.

Sandy B Simmons All the best for a great result . Warmest hugs 

Katie McMurray

Thank you love. I honour you. In this moment all is well, even if it doesn’t appear so. And you are loved. Thank you, I will read your “Hospital Dialogues, and beyond” with pleasure. I’ll give feedback from a personal place once I’ve digested. With love and gratitude for yourself and your journey xxxxxx

Sajeela Jamie be well Gary! sending love and blessings x

Gary Wohlman Awww, Sajeela ~ so good hearing from you, ol’ friend from the past and nearly 20 years ago our Bali community blasts…deeply appreciating your sending love and blessings…You know, each person that connects with me in this way from all over the world, from so long ago and so far away restores a whole new sense of integration and wholeness and connection with myself and others in the spirit of community. I feel inspired to come out of clinging to an old identity of eccentricity and isolation as safety and open myself to embracing the collective that brings us all together, allowing myself to receive love and share support with other human souls as never before…Together, we open the door. What else than this are we truly here for?

Violet Browne Oh how frightening Garry. Best wishes for a positive prognosis. Hang in there. You’re well loved and supported xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Violet ~ and every little bit from every one helps generate healing and new-found connection, even a little bit more ~ Bless you

Susan Lily Carew Yes Gary teachers come in many guises. the practice seems a wise way to deal with what is sent to you. Imagine those in pain in other places without a hospital. We can take our health for granted. Hang in their for blessings come in the most trying times. Peace, Susan Lily Carew

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Susan ~ I appreciate your wise perspective, as it gives me more fuel for feeling grateful for the gifts underlying the trying lessons

Susan Lily Carew Yes when I have had really bad period pain I always thought of those suffering. I used the pain to develop empathy. When I suffer in other ways I write poetry to inspire courage. Just use it as a gift and know all will be well. x

Gary Wohlman yes, how true…I also find that ritualising pain and challenging emotion through creativity indeed opens up gifts both for our own self and the collective as a whole. Blessed Be.

Zen Joseph Sending blessings for strength, courage and surrender to your Highest Knowing Gary.. life is sometimes such a TEST! Keep breathing.. breath by beloved breath, feel and be immersed in the sweetness of Healing..

Yehudit Koadlow I hope this New Year is healthier & full of much joy & harmony. Xo

Judith Segall:

Gary.. Sending healing thoughts your way… along with some deep subliminal hugs.

Bless you, Judith. A hug – and the power of intention with elevated emotion – goes, as you as a Creative Spirit yourself well know, a long way. Deeply appreciating your staying in touch, now more than ever, Grateful Gary

Tarnie Blint Huge hug 
Bless you beautiful man! Your imagination is powerful, keep it up , you can do this 

Bless you, dear Tarnie. Your encouragement about tapping the power of my imagination fuels fresh energy to accelerate my healing. Deeply touched by your sharing, I appreciate your staying in touch with me. With gratitude for the hifts of sharing of caring in this world, Gary

A magical man needs magical friends. Keep dancing in your mind, listen to music when you can

Hi Andrea, FB reminds me today is the anniversary of our becoming FB friends. Now that I’m back at home from this harrowing near-death rite-of-passage ordeal, I feel such gratitude in my heart for all your gifts of caring you’ve shared w me. You were one of the very 1st that responded to my reaching out to the collective to announce my sudden emergency spinal surgery, and you offered to contact my sister…Not sure if you did, yet right now I am sitting with enormous gratitude for the hundreds of souls who have reached out to me during this precious, delicate vulnerable time. I had no idea how fragile we are in these bodies, and how much people’s caring like yours has broken me open to a whole new level of stepping out of isolation and allowing receiving and giving of love as never before. I am so thankful to you, dear Andrea, for your part in this shaking and waking that someday I pray I will see as one of the greatest blessings of this lifetime. To now have the opportunity to re-invent myself from clinging to an old identity of a " human doing" and feeling in my core wound so "not enuf" and inadequate and having to prove myself as worthy through my outer accomplishments to now embracing a new-found wholeness and balance between doing and being, something in me feels born anew. I welcome and appreciate our staying in touch. Bless you, Andrea. Rooey


2 October 2016

Gary Wohlman

Today I was called in to the Alfred Hospital for the 3rd MRI I’ve had since the life-threatening crisis I’ve been roller-coastering through since September 9th.

Today was a full length spine and brain MRI, 90 f*ckn minutes long! I found a way to manage the deafening drumming sounds of the shifting magnetic fields shifting the direction of my hydrogen atoms up and down my body by breathing in the fullest inhalations and longest exhalations, by praying and creating affirmations of awakening, entering into dialogue about "I AM the best version of myself I can possible be" with my conscious mind ~ with a force equal to and matching the intensity of the pulsations jack-hammering/screaming/shouting/pouring and penetrating into my still body.

Yet laying absolutely still for 90 minutes became extremely painful. Every time I asked the technician how much more time it was going to take, she said "another 4-5 scans to go", "another 15 minutes or so", over and over and over – until the base of my spine was burning in pain from my laying so stiff and tight and still in one position without a stir from my muscles holding on without moving for so long.

Praying that the results will come back with a report that the "staphlococci aureus" bacteria that had invaded my spine and bloodstream is out of my system for good.

What a journey!

I’m glad "I’ve lived to tell the tale".


Jennifer Maree Hogan incredible experience the scan process Gary and focus you created to get through it…strength within…xxx

Roy Levine

Thanks Gary, I am bouyed by your return to good health. I found your resourcefulness in dealing with the MRI very inspiring.

Roy, that’s good to hear. What are we here for, if not to regularly lift ourselves up, move as a dedicated joyful disciplined practice to move from breakdown to breakthrough, and to bouy each other up to new levels of integration, connection and embracing wholeness with self and other as never before? Together we open the door…

Sue Tsigaros Hang in there Gary Wohlman, I know that MRI sound, its horrible. You will get your results, that’s the main thing, and you will become stronger 

Yvonne Martin Yes those MRIs are an experience. . I’ve had many repeatedly myself…and I’m claustrophobic .Trying to breath without moving right even a tiny bit? … Well done for getting through 

Barbara Hoffer With deep appreciation for the miracle of our body mind, it’s inspiring to hear how your painful process is transformed into an empowering one of growth and reflection. As you align your renewal in these holy time of our Jewish New Year, may you let go of pain to embrace love anew all waysHealing love to you, Wwoo

Gary Wohlman Ohh Bjoy, I feel deeply touched by your reaching out and staying in touch with me as you continue to do – decades beyond our years of romantic intimacy, I treasure the lasting love we share that extends into our elder days…Bless you, sweet friend from afar…So far away, and still so close we are….Wwoo

Solomon Sikirdji Aloha. Blessings on your healing. May u be whole in all ways. prayers from Israel. shalom.

Eric Chan Keeping you in my prayers

Roger Klein So sorry you had to go through that. I was a medical transcriptionist and medical editor for 16 years. I transcribed all fields of medicine, but I specialized in diagnostic radiology. I know how horrible MRIs can be, having numerous ones myself. I jut hope after all of this, you recuperate fully and maintain optimal health. You deserve that.

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Roger. So good hearing from you. I appreciate your sharing your caring with me, Gary

Ngahuia Freed Ahh yes I’ve had on of those 90 min brain & spine MRI’s, my way to deal with it was to imagine the drumming sounds pounding through my body was me being at a nightclub dancing to techno music in my mind & to stop myself from physicality moving incorporated long slow deep breaths & eventually I feel asleep as was in such a deep meditation 
Hope your healing well & no ongoing issues from it
Take care

Gary Wohlman Cool reflections, Ngahuia. Lovely hearing from you across the Tasman sea. Bless you. Gary

James Bahuth
 sending you healing loving energy Elijah…Jx

Leondro Francisco Keep fighting, my friend. Much strength and love to you! 🙂

Irma Pagaspas Wishing you all the best amidst this painful journey.

Lynne Velling Spirit and stamina were with you, Gary. Best outcome, blessings.

Thank you for your caring comments on my Life-threatening rite of passage, Lynne. Say hi to Doreen for me. Bless you.

You are having quite a challenge, Gary. You’re welcome, absolutely. You’re an agent of change whose work helps many….Strength of mind, body, spirit, emotions, Gary. God is with you….all the way.

Yes. Good to be reminded, too.

Jacqui Dreessens Wow that sounds like torture!! But it also sounds like you are in amazing positive spirits. Keep going. Yes you live to tell the story. Praying for you.

Jerry Penny Hope to hear those good results!

 me too… I’ve got a review w the Neurosurgery team this Wed, and the ID Infectious Disease team at the Alfred on Th

Tracey Hall So thankful we live in modern times that they can do this and see results so quickly

Karen Kolenc OMG Gary that sounds like a harrowing ordeal. Great strategies for dealing with it. Praying for a wonderful result 

Kendra Abay Wellness wishes.. 

Trace Belle hey Gary, sounds so full on… best wishes with the results, waiting can be tricky… I have many MRI’s and thought to share what helps me just in case you need more down the track… I try to imagine the sounds as weird rhythmic music, i try to imagine…I try to imagine all those others who have lay in that same machine, and remember that the machines are on my side of the healing journey and that I am blessed to live in a country where I can have them… PS I spell compassion compASHion- the more you get burnt the more compassionate u may become…and sounds like your on a huge one… xxxxx go wellxxx

Gary Wohlman Hi Trace, Love your ‘cartoony’ reflections on "another way to see all this". Always appreciating your enlightened perspectives xxx

Trace Belle so glad u have the internet so you can keep reaching out even when you are at home xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Trace, this whole rite-of-passage has been carrying me from an old identity of isolation to embracing the collective and community and receiving love as never before. Amazing how one door closes in this life, only to open one or more…Gets me thinking "What am I / what are we …truly here for?"

Paul Monteith …relax…and accept …your body knows what is best ….Namaskar

Maggie Webber This too shall pass. XX

Amrita Tiana Auer Oh wow, I just read this update now Gary….What a journey! Did you get the results? Sending you many hugs and loving energy 

Suzanne Rumney Wheeler Praying for a positive outcome for you

Helena Ameisen All blessings and light to you my friend. Wishing you Shona Tova and a year filled with abundant health and energy, joy n light on this next phase of your journey. Much love, Helena

Li At I’m so sorry to hear of your painful journey Elijah. Sending you living healing thoughts. 

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Li At, sooo good hearing from you. I’ve been meaning to write you, as the single most comforting experience I’ve had while being flat on my back for weeks has been listening for nearly 30 hours to the warmth and wisdom and witty words of Mark Nepo in his audiobooks, inspired by your sharing pieces from his books in your conscious movement meditation dance classes over the years.

Li At oh bless bless bless. Yes he is indeed a modern day mystic. Was thinking of you yesterday at dance

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Li At, feeling blessed by your thoughts and sharing of caring with me. ‘Twill be another four weeks (and counting 4-3-2-1) before I take my inner dance onto the dance floors again… Say, when are your next dances in Melbourne?

Josie Kearsey best wishes for a great result..

Roma Banks Woah much love to you beautiful man 

Jay Jam Sounds quite trying Gary even with all your wonderful choices of techniques. I also use the question like how can all the molecules of this machine & my body work together for optimal outcomes ?
Gary Wohlman  Good one, Jay. I’m calling in "what best questions to live in" for optimal outcomes these days…

Trace Belle so glad u have the internet so you can keep reaching out even when you are at home xx

Gary Wohlman Yes, Trace, this whole rite-of-passage has been carrying me from an old identity of isolation to embracing the collective and community and receiving love as never before. Amazing how one door closes in this life, only to open one or more…Gets me thinking "What am I / what are we …truly here for?"

Trace Belle so great you are choosing to grow from this x hope the pain subsiding today

Gary Wohlman Thanks Trace. Yes, the pain is indeed subsiding, unless I attempt to move from laying down to sitting or sitting to standing or pretty much any one position to another….that’s when I feel myself on the edge of moaning and groaning, that’s the most challenging aspect, feeling my whole lower back all sewn up and not being able to do anything but walk. * Feeling disabled physically is, in a strange way, the perfect irony for one so attached to the physicality of extreme aliveness and vibrancy in this life. *Now I get to return to "inner-sense", innocence, and a much more inner-directed world where dance is experienced from deep inside rather from the inside out. * When I was young, I used to walk on my hands all the time. I was nicknamed "the upside-down kid" back then. Now my world is truly turned upside down. Who knows what will emerge from all this? the mystery unravels….

Debra Burrell Gary, sounds like you are managing this totally unexpected turn of events regarding your health with grace and optimism. Sending you my best wishes for a complete recovery.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Debra. I appreciate your taking the time to connect with me. I recall when we connected through the National Speakers Association in NYC years ago – when you were considering me to be a speaker for your group and we were exploring my offering you assistance with my transformational body therapy – that you also had some challenging health situation at the time. Curious, what lessons and gifts came out of your own personal rite-of-passage?

Samantha Joyful Grave You are an awesome trooper!! Love to you xx

Gary Wohlman Gee thanks Samantha…So many ways to travel, hey? Outside, inside ~ discovering new pathways from within…

Miriam Janna Love blessings & healing from above 2u.

Lorayne Love: First I have to say that I always marvel at your radiance and vitality! Next, I appreciate how you find winning strategies even in challenging situations. Thirdly,,, with your amazing brilliance I won’t be surprised should you write a book and teach how to deal with adversity such as this ~…just sayin’… u always take it to a learning experience and find ways to articulate solutions. Love you Gary

Hey Lorayne, Touched by your encouragement for me to write a book or develop some teaching about moving through diversity, I’m sending you the compilation of "Hospital Dialogues, and beyond" I’ve been passionately creating since this ordeal began 3 weeks ago – an opportunity for me to chronicle this rite-of-passage and share my deepest reflections and awakenings emerging. Have a read. Once you do, I’d appreciate your sharing your feedback and reflections in turn with me, too. Blessings anear, Gary

I will be honored to read it. I love how you take the bull by the horns and dance with it! Love you Gary!

Eva Chobanuk Love and Blessings dear Gary 

Steve Brossman Praying with you buddy.

Ari Amala Sending much love your way Gary. Sounds like a hugely challenging time. Glad to see you receiving love and support.

Karen Wight ❤BLESSINGS

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Karen. Every caring thought makes such a difference. I appreciate your staying in touch w me, now more than ever, at this stage in our lives. Blessings near and far, Gary Keneth


1 October 2016:

Status check: Here is a photo of my PICC line, the 45 cm "Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) that had replaced the more cumbersome "cannula" tube inserted into my arm’s veins to administer my twice-a-day intravenous antibiotic drip. This was surgically implanted between my upper arm and a valve entering my heart just before I left the hospital to come back home a week ago.

Interesting, I’m still legally considered an "in-patient" of the hospital until my antibiotic treatment is complete a month from now. According to the HITH team, I could elect to stay in hospital this entire time.

Feels good to be able to be "at home", to be encouraged to walk, move my body and begin having the first glimmers of a "normal" life again. According to the HITH team, years ago I would not be allowed out of hospital so soon. Without their daily visits and support, I would have needed to stay in hospital for this whole next month.

Whoops! I hear that this is rare, yet my PICC tube migrated down my arm and had to be pulled out by one of the nurses who visits me twice a day.

That’s why you can see what it looks like, freshly removed, as I’m now waiting any day now for an emergency call from the Alfred letting me know "it’s time. Get yourself over here immediately to have a new PICC line be re-surgically implanted".

The good news is, that once the new PICC line is implanted in my arm, it will be easier for my twice-a-day antibiotic drip once again to be administered without having to change my now implanted temporary cannula tube every 3-4 days. This surgical procedure of implanting a new PICC line will minimise the risk of further infection from constantly making more holes into my veins.

What a journey! This too shall pass…

Haluk Suleyman Gosh …be strong .

Peter H. Rosen God Gary I feel for you! Knowing how you prided yourself on your flexibility and limberness back in the day we did a gig at Cyborganic in SF (video snip exists). Heal fast!


25 September 16

Here’s a close-up of my surgically implanted PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) line in my upper arm, where I get two intravenous antibiotic drips daily delivered to me for the next 6 weeks from the Alfred Hospital’s in the Home Team, to combat and disappear any remaining staph bacteria remaining in my spine and bloodstream. This PICC line replaces the cannula tube which had to be replaced every few days.


Haluk Suleyman You’re very lucky in a decade with constant vigorous anti bacterial scrubbing and all day washing their hand with a anti bacterial agent "nothing in the world could save you". The world is run by complete idiots.

Isabel Mildenhall Gosh That was a serious problem Nice to know you are on the mend xx


Today the bandage was removed covering my 8 inch long scar where I had been surgically cut open to save my life from the abscessed staph infection that was growing on my lower spine two weeks ago.

In these pictures below, you can see in the little yellow cap the 37 staples that were used to sew me together, finally cut off. Phew!

And in the other picture, you’ll see a side view of the fresh surgical wound on my lower half of my back, at last freed this morning by the HITH (Hospital in the Home) team from being protected by bandage and able to heal – all sewn up now with no holes remaining.

I feel fortunate that a member of THIH comes to my home twice a day to continue dripping the antibiotic drip into the PICC catheter tube that’s been surgically inserted into my arm. this will continue for 6 weeks.

What a journey.

I’m going out in a few mins to take my first 20 minute walk with my walker since returning home, catch you later.


Jay Jam I hope you can have a restful night Gary xox

Hi Gary! I saw your FB comment abt what’s the reason –
Ok so this is my POV/awareness initially anyway about this crazy body stuff, your community FB call out & everything else that’s hit you in so many ways.
So, not to make it too significant, you Are a magical incredibly aware powerful Being. The ‘powers that be’, don’t want us to emerge, as it diminishes them, so they use whatever manipulation to try to weaken the emergence of who we truly Be. Not only are you facilitating great awakenings for others you continue to get stronger & ‘connected’. Now is the time to show your strength & sovereignty
See how quickly you heal!
If there’s anyone or anything in your life that’s making you feel NQR change it, discard it. Is this the time for you to stop & to just receive?
As you said, so much ‘doing’ in ur life.
So much change is going on, on this planet at this time in our existence. Is this what was needed to change your reality to what else is possible now?
Sending great love & the light of peaceful miraculous healing.
Also the word ‘surrender’ has come in, & someone on the other side wanting your attention to Gift you information?
I hope this makes some sense ?
If not, not to worry
Take care, love Jaya

Candyce Corcoran Glad you are recovering . .

Tarnie Blint Heal beautifully!

Komang Sukana  Gary.. I always praying for you, hopefully you are well ..!!

Maggy Agrey You’re an amazing human being, spirit can only be wishing to be in touch with you as you circumnavigate your world differently for a while. May spirit speak deeply and intimately with your soul !’

Gary Wohlman What wonderful thoughts, Maggy ~ helps me navigate my under-explored inner realms with greater zest, wonder and a newly awakening spirit of internal adventure

Shahzadi L McCarty Sending you best wishes for a full recovery. Xx

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Shahzadi ~ so good hearing from you

Tracey Hall Just incredible that you are here now.

Michelle Kinsella So glad you are on the recovery road

Gary Wohlman Thanks Michelle. Me, too. Lots of unknowns on this road, as it’s only the beginning of a whole new stage of life. Appreciating your thoughts and reaching out to me, Gary

Roma Banks Woah much love

Gary Wohlman Thanks Roma. I appreciate your thinking of me.

Hope your feeling better. God bless

Bless you, Sahar

Praying for you

Thank you.

Gary Wohlman Bless you all

24 September 2016

Wise Guidance from a member of the HITH (Hospital in the Home) team who gave me my regular evening antibiotic drip into my PICC (Peripheral Insertion Catheter Connector) today: “To get out of the business of your active mind, hum while you are doing anything – to connect with your natural knowing and feeling nature of your body”.

“To the Divine Intelligence within my bodymind, I now address you. I call on you now to give me Guidance as to how I can best easily and effortlessly transform my relationship to the physical pain I am now experiencing and awaken to a Greater Healing and Consciousness for the Highest Good of All Concerned than I ever dreamed possible on all levels and dimensions of my being, to become a better version of the person I have developed to become up to now, to transmute any physical emotional, and mental experiences and beliefs of limitation to embrace the optimal love, grace, trust, wisdom, serenity that will free me and all souls from burden and fulfil my greatest potential as a human and contribution to humanity as never before

Renée Pulelehua Firefly I pray for your continued healing, dear one. So glad to hear from you. I hope it has helped you to feel all those who love you all over the world… <3

Yes, Renée, reading those hundreds of FB posts following my sudden and irrevocable "rite of passage" has brought tears of Gratitude to my eyes. I know I’ve reached enormous numbers of souls in my day, and assisted people left and right all over the world to awaken to their greatest fulfilment and transform their lives to move forward in their preferred most passionate life direction. Yet to witness, to see and feel such heart-felt sentiments coming at me all at once from so many so abundantly, has awakened me to emerge like a butterfly out of the cocoon of "I can help everybody else" separatist stance I’ve been clinging to all my life. Time to receive, thank you bless you all for holding me as you do. I am deeply moved to embrace the spirit of community and shift from feeling so "eccentric" and "different’ and "alone". I am broken open, I re-invent myself anew". If anything will save humanity as we know it from "titanic-ing" to ever-more self-destruction and along the collision course we are on towards inevitable annihilation as a species, it is this – our collective surrendering to something greater than ourselves alone -that will bring us to the next level of evolution together. As it is expressed in the Course of Miracles, and quoted by the deeply respected proponent of this sacred text, Marianne Williamson, “Collective consciousness can only be changed by shifting one’s own part of it. We are here to create the good, the beautiful and the holy. No matter what it looks like, we are here to be used for the purpose of giving love. We are here to express our greatest joy, passion and creativity. ”

During this time of having my back be split open, I’ve had the opportunity to look deep within and reflect on what IS most important that supports me, you, and all of us to move forward in this life. And it has been brought to my attention, the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, who was run over by a fast-moving car while running a triathalon 30 years ago. Rather than accept surgery, he vowed to dedicate himself to be in dialogue with and embrace the Divine Intelligence that has created the wonderful phenomenon of these bodies we live in, in the first place. And in doing so, he has developed a system of aligning Intention with elevated emotions to heal conditions in our bodies, minds and lives that would otherwise be considered incurable. “I can do this, we can do this. It is for us to do”.


23 September 2016

Excerpt from Becoming Divine

By Dr. Joe Dispenza The power of clear intention meeting elevated emotion, making it possible to broadcast the accompanying signature of intention into the field of love

Rewiring through the power of intention

It sounds crazy, but in 1986 I had the privilege of getting run over by a truck in a triathlon. When I received the diagnosis that I broke six vertebrae, that I had bone fragments on my spinal cord, and that I probably would never walk again, I had to make some important decisions. After I opted against a radical surgery recommended by four different experts and facing the prognosis of paralysis, I left the hospital with only one conviction: "The power that made the body, heals the body." My mission was to make contact with this innate intelligence, then give it a template or a design with very specific orders and finally surrender my healing to this unlimited power.

I really had nowhere to go at the time of my accident and I did not have many things to do, so it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with using my mind to heal my body. For two hours twice a day I went within and I began creating a picture of my intended result: a healthy healed spine. If my mind wandered to any extraneous thoughts, I would start from the beginning and do the whole scheme of imagery over again. I reasoned that the final picture had to be clear, unpolluted, and uninterrupted for this intelligence to take my condition to the next level.

Over the course of ten weeks, I experienced a wonderful and veritable healing. At eleven weeks, I was back in my office seeing patients again without surgery or a body brace (both of which were recommended by the physicians at the time of my injury). As a result of this experience more than 20 years ago, I have spent the remainder of my life investigating and researching the mind-body connection as well as the concept of mind and matter.

I learned some pretty profound lessons as a by-product of my injury. I know that we are defined by our adversity. When we are confronted with lifetime trauma and crisis, we must change our mind to truly address that situation. We must begin to think, act, and feel in new ways in order to produce a new and more profound reality. In difficult times, we must look to see what piece of philosophy or intellectual understandings that we know, but have not experienced, and apply that knowledge to create a new experience. For example, in my situation I intellectually understood that the body heals itself, but I had to apply every bit of philosophy that I knew in order to take it to the next level and beyond, in order to create a true experience with healing. The persistence, conviction, and focus on any potential future lies within the mind of a person, as well as the mind of the infinite potentials in the quantum field, which means both of these minds must work together in order to bring any future reality that technically already exists.

Quantum physics tells us that mind and matter are not separate elements. In fact, your subjective mind has a true effect on the external objective world. If we can accept this idea then we should reason that by changing our mind, should produce some changes in our world. And if you can begin to sharpen your abilities to observe some desired destiny, your life begins to reorganize itself. And the beauty your true change that the new experience will find you.

Can we take the time to ask ourselves one question in the morning before we engage in our life? "What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?" If we were patient enough to wait for an answer, we would begin to think and feel differently than we would if we just woke up and remembered ourselves as the same person. As we experience new thoughts and then we combine them with an elevated emotion, then we are destined to behave differently throughout our waking day. After we sincerely take the time to do this process with intention and focus, we’ve changed our mind. In other words, according to neuroscience, mind is the brain in action. To think differently is to make the brain work in new and different ways. And when we make the brain work in new ways, we have literally just changed our mind. And lastly, if we can commit to not arising to face the day until we feel like that new ideal, we would be conditioning the body to finally work together with our new mind. Depending on your circumstances, this can be an easy task, or it can seem insurmountable. The key is to commit to that ideal, in every moment regardless of what your environment tells you. To align to a concept in thought and emotion means you are using your innate capacities for creation. And when we have mind and body working together, we have the power of the universe behind us…and then when we walk through our life that day, something different should be different in our world as a result of our efforts…and no one is excluded from this phenomenon.

Since the hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, I have been pretty busy traveling around the world, talking to audiences about how our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings are the very blueprints that control our destiny. I have also been fortunate enough to spend the last ten years investigating hundreds of actual medical case histories in which ordinary people experienced a spontaneous remission from a host of different diseases. As a result, I wrote a book a few years back entitled, Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing of Your Mind, in which I discuss the relationship of the brain, the mind, and consciousness with the health of the human body, as well as the nature of reality. I now know that there is a true science and biology to personal change. That everyone, at any time in their life, can change the way they think and feel, and when true change occurs in both the mind and the body, the natural side effect of that internal change produces measurable external effects in those individual’s lives.

I truly believe that every person is a divine creator. That independent of our race, our gender, our culture, our social status, our education, our religious beliefs, or even our past mistakes; there is a power within each of us that is common to every human being-and we are all connected to it. This invisible consciousness is both personal and, at the same time, universal. It is the giver of life. This refined mindful energy is conscious enough to support, maintain, protect, and heal use very moment. It keeps our heart beating hundreds of thousands of times per day; creates over 60 million cells every minute; and organizes hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions in one cell every second, just to name a few. It is also the same intelligence that creates supernovas in distant galaxies, that keeps the planets rotating around the sun, and that brings the lily into bloom. When we take the time to develop a relationship with this mind, when we make contact with it, when we use it to create desired events in our future, when we ask it to intervene in our lives and finally, when we express this power, love, and intelligence through us, we become more like it-we become divine.


This mystery of Life is so ironic, so filled with contrasts.

Here we have a car rego "DANCER" that I just came across after my first walk in the park, having just returned home from taking my first steps outdoors on this glorious day w my walker.

Karen Kolenc Maybe some encouragement for you from the Universe. Good to hear your getting about about. I imagine it will be a gentle path to full recovery. Be patient & kind to yourself 

Gary Wohlman Thanks Karen

Christopher Evatt So pleased u r on your way to being your true 100%+ You have experienced much and have much to share.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Christopher

Kaaren Day Those dancing feet are still there. You’re just on a slower groove for awhile.

Hellen Andalis Hope, Trust, Faith. X

Amalaïa Geraldine Martin Sending You Love <3

Renée Pulelehua Firefly Love it! And love you!

Megan Kenner Ur soul will always be a dancer… the medicine of grouse & the dance of the spiral.

Isabel Mildenhall Glad to know you seem to be on the mend xx

Samantha Murphy That’s God for you. He’s speaking of your future.

22 September 2016:

I’ve just been moved to a private room in the Fairfield house wing of the Alfred Hospital.

I’ll be discharged tomorrow morning and sent home.

With 37 staples – pictured in this piece – bolting together the entirety of my lower spine where I’ve been cut open by the Neurosurgeons knife, , I continue to sit and lay down in extreme limitation of mobility and fluctuating levels of pain when the daily dose of pain killers wear off every 6-8 hours.

The staples will be removed Friday, and I now have a daily antibiotic drip drizzling into the "permanent" surgical pick that has been implanted into my arm for the next 6 weeks.

I will not be able to swim and drive a car throughout this time. I can walk w a walker. I can’t lift anything heavier than 2 kg – the opposite extreme of my carrying "excess baggage" whenever I went from one place to another…

From holding on to a "Puer Aeturnus" eternally young identity of Mr Action Man for 65 years, I have spent the last week almost entirely on my back, and through deep reflection am coming to awaken to how out-of-balance this "human doing" GO-GO-GO persona has actually been all these years.

I’ve identified my worthiness up to now with how busy and active and productive achieving and helping thousands of souls to transform their lives I could be rather than taking the time to deepen my relationship with the beingness and spacious aliveness that comes from within.

I am now forced to turn inwards to the stillness I’ve been unconsciously been longing for rather than occasionally visit this place through the buzz of my extreme productivity, emotional and sexual encounters, and outer achievements including vast works of visual and performance art all these decades.

My life is turned inside out and upside down.

And I pray that this sudden shocking change of life will one day be seen by me as the greatest gift I could possibly imagine. I’m not there yet, it’s way too early to know what’s in front of me in the Great Unknown.

Now to re-invent myself, as never before. Gosh, I’m so accustomed to wild physical adventures, climbing for instance through hours of waterfalls in my favourite place in the sacred Iao Valley stream in Hawaii that few humans even in the best of shape could even possibly get to. The irony is that Hawaii has more staphylococci growing prolifically in the environment than anywhere on this earth. And I’ve never been affected, other than mere local staph infections in the skin, with anything as severe as what I just experienced anywhere in the world until now. Why now? Why here? The specialists on the HITH and hospital teams all tell me that even a mere cut, when one’s immune system is “down”, can lead to such a death-defying bacterium “explosion” throughout the body. I had no idea how fragile and delicate these bodies we live in actually are. I’ve been such a wildman in this body up to now, running half-naked through staphylococci-filled fields in the sacred lunch wet and warm Iao stream in Maui, in the Hawaiian islands, not being concerned for decades about a scratch her or a cut there, climbing through bush and vine and root and rock and endless waterfalls like a wild elf, so at home in the wilds of nature. Now a new and profound respect for the fragility and delicateness of our human condition has surfaced in my consciousness through this ordeal. Up until now, what I have held most near and dear about this human life is how exquisitely physically alive and vibrant I have been in this body.

Now begins the most challenging adventure of all, the inner journey that I’ve become quite the expert in guiding others through in moving forward in their life path. Return to “Inner-sense”, to a newfound innocence, is the call of the day. OMG!

Instead of putting on a show of having it all under control and all together as I have maskingly personified in my life up to now, I am now suddenly dependent on receiving support, assistance and help from others for the simplest of activities: to carry, lift items, move my body from place to place, shop, and who knows what else?

Tomorrow is the 1st day of the rest of my life.

If you are close to me in Melbourne or Sydney and can be of any assistance, I open my arms to receive.

Bless you all.

In gratitude,


Dear Gary, I was very moved by your post about Mr Action. I know the feeling and sympathize with you. Sometimes, when we are unable to listen, life sends us a big wave, so that we can wake up and really start taking care of our beautiful selves. I hope that soon you will be able to look at this incident as a blessing, and a turning point in your relationship with your inner self. May your recovery be quick and smooth and may you be able to start enjoying your life fully again soon. Sending love and best wishes. Pier Paolo

Bless you, Pier Paolo. Connecting with community and deeply-caring like-minded souls like yourself means more to me than ever now. Time for me to come out of feeling separate and embrace my wholeness and interconnectedness with myself, with life, with all, of Creation as never before. Yes indeed, what a wake-up call.! Stay in touch, dear friend… Gary … on the mend

Sandra Kozmits
I’ve only just learned of what’s happened from Atlanta and Christina who you know from dance (of course). Holding you in my thoughts and prayers for a swift and complete recovery. What a profound time for you. May you go gently and with blessings upon your new road as you emerge from the shadows to unfold new awareness of beingness! Hugs, Sandra

Ognjen Babic Hi Gary, sorry to hear what happened to you. I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Regards,

Nici Campfire dear Elijah, I am very curious of what will unfold from this place of stillness, the inner realm, the being from within for you! i LOVE your reflection … I am sad to be on the other side of the earth and not help with practicals, but I will hold you in my prayers and thoughts, close to my heart  sending blessings and healing xoxoxo

Isabel Mildenhall The Universe certainly has strange ways of teaching one to slow down and it certainly does not sit well If there is anything you need that you think I might be of assistance please just ring and ask We are all here to help each other Xxx

Anne Noonan I’ll look forward to the book.

Gary Wohlman Me too. The first chapter is underway

Camille Thurnherr Sending my love Gary x

Nerida Melvillesmith Very moved to read your reflections on what has happened. I too have been that ill and I ranted and raved before I started to let stillness in and not for long, refacing physical limits again now. It took me a lot to ring and ask for help it will surprise you who does.

Yvonne Martin I very much relate x

Elizabeth Amos Sayers Sending love and prayers for speedy healing xo

Peter Barfoot The Great Unknown is a good place to encounter the Invisible Eternal in the Clearly Revealed. Not wishing to be trite… I’ll be praying for a full recovery.

Gary Wohlman Thank you.

Helena Ameisen Physician, heal thyself. Time for you now. Wishing you a beautiful journey of resilience and self discovery xxx

Desley Cowley  Nice Gary. For now just take the time to ‘be’, sit with the new you for a while, let it settle before rushing off in what may be the wrong direction despite the right intention. A message posted by Shar Shar Moore today. ‘Ask..What is the right next move, then trust the answer’. Good advice

Juliet Martine Hi Gary, Wishing you a soulful recovery.

Kim Lovegrove Hi Gary, your words are my story all over – I feel where you are at!
Will you be able to manage the stairs at your place? 

Hulya Kazanaksu Hi Gary, you have captured with such keen insight your experience right now. Loved reading your reflections.

Samantha Murphy Dr Gary!! You may not be there yet, but I absolutely know this is the greatest gift from God. He is a jealous God and while I’m certain He’s glad you’ve enjoyed the waterfalls he put there for you, I’m sure He has been waiting for your attention all this time…

Gary Wohlman Thank you, Samantha

Suzanne Rumney Wheeler You are really strong and you are so loved here on earth and from spirit. Can I help you in anyway. I’m in Melbourne

Gary Wohlman Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your kindness and offer to help in anyway.
I’m sure there will be some ways , including visiting me in St Kilda and sharing the gift of presence together
Suzanne Rumney Wheeler 

hope to hear from you soon.

Karen Rostagno Everything certainly does change when you are not always doing.
A new world to explore and new beginnings.

Jan Mowka Oh Gary. If I lived closer I would be there helping you. Keep writing about all of this. It benefits us all knowing and hearing about your story. I too have been blessed to have such a capable and strong physical body. In gratitude every day that my health supports me. God bless you in this journey. Great insights. Rock on

Pam Boggs Gary, I re-call when we first be-came connected on FB. It is very interesting to hear and see you from then and up to now. Yes, you’ll continue on youR journey, albeit is quite different for now. However, the paths of seeking enlightenment is truly our own, we chose to share our experience with others who are also seeking. You’ll come through this with many amazing testimonies and clear sight. Meditate on the meaning of "I AM". Blessings to you as you re-cover.

Renée Pulelehua Firefly Continuing to send you love. ❤️

Donna Elliott Hi Gary. My concern is how will you cope with the stairs …I feel your pain and would imagine that stairs will be a challenge. I haven’t given your age much much thought….pretty great shape for 65!…

Detchema Sonter wow – what an incredible spirit you have Gary. It’s such a humbling thing to be so limited for a while, yet as you are aware – there lies a kingdom within. May you be blessed with yet unfound riches … sending love and wishes for the best possible recovery xxx

Jared Rosen Hang in there! I was diagnosed with blood disease 8 years ago and thought my life is over. I could not risk even riding my bike because I virtually had no platelets. Modern medicine can be a miracle. Just had a 5 mile bike ride this morning

Caryn Love Blessings in the form of waterfalls of self awareness. Rest, breathe, be and write. You are starting a great chapter of self realization! Love and prayers for your deepening! Love

Komang Sukana Get well soon Gary.. Hopefully God will blessing you .. Forever more..!!!

Ronski Kosky I am happy for you Gary that you are coming home to yourself. You have been a precious gift to many and gratitude angels surround you. Now is the time to receive. 100%  Gary 

Gundula Mueller Feeling very moved by your sharing, Gary. you are so strong! Wishing you full recovery so you can enjoy the gifts this change will bring! Sad I’m too far away to be helpful and nurturing. Sending much love… <3

Marc Smulders I wish you a quick recovery from the other side of the earth!

Karen Kolenc Dearest Gary – I honour the vulnerability, humility & self awareness of your share. I too pray that this extreme life threatening event, heals you in every way. It sounds like a tough be meaningful road of healing ahead. I wish you well in healing the still, quiet part of you that’s longing for your attention. May you be surrounded by support as you learn to receive PS- thank you for sharing your learnings, I’m sure you not alone in your journey, I can certainly relate & take heed from you important message 

Deb Jones  Much love and healing energy xxx

Kendra Abay You will recover and be strong again even though it’s impossible to imagine right now. The pain WILL go!!!! One day at a time. Be kind to yourself.. Sending huge wellness wishes. 

Yehudit Koadlow I look forward to visiting you when I am back in mid October xx

Sharon Parrant is a meditation that will put you into the stillness and get rid of the past shit …..look it up and learn  ❤️
Sharon, awakening peace within

The Bright Path – Effortless Meditation techniques for peace of mind


Ann Sinclair you enter each and every one of my meditations and from my heart I fill you with divine light that I know you’ll use wisely and expand from your own heart throughout every cell of your being touching, enlightening, healing, loving all on its way out to the recipient cells of others in the world to also be healed through your gift of love… Already healed now at the source. Already healed now at the source. Already healed now at the source, and on and on and on …In gratitude always ☔️

Jacqui Dreessens Be kind and gentle on yourself 

Louise Mahler Hi Gary, thinking of you and sorry I have been away and unable to visit. I hope to make it in a couple of weeks. So you keep getting better and better. Kind regards Louise

Sandy Dubs I see now all your writings EG. I know how support is essential for sure and how essential it is to be still. If you need any food shopping when you get home please let me know. xS

Sandy B Simmons So glad to hear you accepting assistance. Take care of your thoughts and ‘be’ in your feelings – tough times for such a giving soul, time to receive! Hugs xx

Maggie Webber Ah Gary. Sometimes that still small voice has to almost scream for us to take heed, and you so obviously have now Such wonderful honesty and vulnerability you have shown to us all, which I am sure will help so many others to heal as well you are – not just in a MASSIVE physical way after this operation, but on so many other levels too. We are blessed to have you in our lives, and even though some of us may be many miles away from you physically, please know we are with you in Spirit. And with all you understand, you know this is just as supportive than being with you in the flesh. I have picked some flowers for you, and will soon send them in the best way I can right now. Tulips…one of Mother Nature’s beautiful signs that a new season has begun. I have also put a copy of one of my favourite sayings there, as I need to read it regularly too, and remind myself that "The ox is slow, yet the earth is patient". Heal well and deeply my friend. XX

Sheridan Morris Like all the other challenges in your life, I know you will rise to this with graceful gratitude. I hope your pain begins to decline and your mobility increase literally step by step. What wonderful reflections you have made on your life. Our learning may not be what we expect some times. Sending love, light and healing.

Wendy Warman Thank you Gary for your incredible transparency. You taught me years ago, "My vulnerability is my strength". Through your openness and sharing heart you continue to lift me up to a higher understanding of how God has to knock really hard to help us realize……Continued love and prayers my friend.

Janine Seymour liking your words, feeling your authenticity, yes we can all be busy. Busy ness can be a distraction from self, the soul is yearning for us to listen NOW , letting go of the drama , and going within, you are the one you have been waiting for

A Way Out of Pain – Matt Kahn/


Amara Pagano Sending you lots of love and strength for the new beginning. I love you.

Gary Wohlman Bless you, Amara In deepest gratitude, Gary

Samantha Murphy Dr. Gary I did some research for you today so you can have everything you need at your fingertips. Same day delivery!!Http:// between them and Coles you should be covered!!! Glad to hear you’re well enough to hold your workshop on Saturday!! X

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Teresa Ann Foxworthy Hope you are feeling better every day!!

Maggy Agrey Hoorah You Got It !!!!

Trace Belle ahhh huge lessons. sending love and courage your way xx trace

Jennifer Jane Barnes Go well

Shani Quiddington Sounds like it is long, difficult and painful journey you are on Gary. I hope you are getting all the help and support you need. Wishing you as speedy and smooth recovery as possible. Xx

Lucia Cardamone Gary take care ❤ I will pop by soon to see you and will call before I do

Sophie Trpcevski Wow life is certainly full of surprises. Stay strong wishing you a quick recovery xx

Annie Kallis Sending you lots of love Gary.

Georgia Pernitzis Dear Gary Wohlman the human body and soul can be so fragile! Your experience has taken you close to the edge and you are coming out on the other side stronger and wiser. I pray God will stay by your side and you can draw strength and courage to continue together with the support of all your loving friends. I will be in touch

Katie Underwood Wishing you a safe and steady recovery, Inside and out 

Leanne Wooster I hope you’re better soon Gary

Josie Kearsey Dr Gary time will be your best friend time will heal the wounds restore your energy. This too shall pass – only 2 weeks ago your life changed and it was spared. Heal well listen to the doctors and ask if you need anything we are family, praying for you that you will be restored better than ever. Much love Josie xxx

Naomi Lieberfreund Get better soon…..slowly slowly how amazing and miraculous the body is at healing….patience gentle soul heal well …..go slowly slowly slowly ……and everything will heal……..

Sharon Shreya Jae Jackson Go gently, on the inner terrain as well as the outer. Naturally you’ll have your downs, and it’s imperative during those times that you have resources to help you through – internal and external. Great that you are able to ask for, and receive help….

Guru Dudu Wow Gary, best wishes to you. Yes take each day at a time. A big lesson in letting go. So great that are open to receiving the gift of this experience. There will be lots of ups and gowns to come for sure. …oops I like that misspell. May you have many clowns as well as gowns.

Bronwyn Holm Aah… your life has been turned outside in and downside up.
Authentic expression of vulnerable change force. Awakening interrupt to the norm. The norm of lived experience yet to yield its most perfect truth of existence. This is chaos to create order…Reading your posts here is a testimony to your investment in your relationships. People care for and love you. Sincerely.

Yeah, I get it, Bronwyn. This realisation moves me so ~ time for me to embrace the spirit and nurturing empowerment of community as never before

I truly can’t imagine the challenges you are facing. I hope the surgery is not too taxing for you. You have been on my mind so much lately with your situation. Blessings for optimal health 110%

Gary Wohlman Awww, bless you Bronwyn. So happy to hear from you, deeply appreciating your staying in touch, now more than ever.

Vickie Mg Blessings, ease of recovery x

Roshanna Evans What a wonderful celebration of solidarity. Very inspiring to me.

Gary, consider it as a blessed soul retrieval. When I flew off a bike and broke my femur bone, it was a huge shock but I quickly understood it was a soul retrieval, the chance to return to whole in a totally unexpected way. I saw all the false beliefs I’d acquired that set me up and they were released so effortlessly because I cherished life… more than belief… and somehow I think you do too. Hopefully, this share can be helpful. Blessings. Fear not. Stay in the breath of now. You will heal more rapidly than expected.

Jq JacQuaeline Gary, thank you for the naked sharing-that in itself takes courage and sets you on a stronger path of true healing and continued growth, real spiritual growth of chakras unfolding new petals which in turn bring in new levels of powerful light -as you continue this journey -ise that new "subtle light energy" and direct it toward some "magical moments ". Healing at a core level is more then mental ideas flowing-it also takes emotions which have an electrical charge -so the emotions course thru both the energy body (metaphysical) and the physical body via nervous system, glands, organs, muscles etc. Lots of Stuff technically, and you are on the mend. Blessings-as you heal and grow so do we. Namaste

Justyna Piechutowska If you need any shopping done, you know I’m quite close to you. I’m available mainly Monday-Tuesday, so just give me a call/sms if you need things done, Gary.

Valerie Orton Dear Gary. You obviously have lots of friends who care about you. Thank you for your vulnerable share. If you’re in Sydney and need some help, give me a call.

Sonia Macaro: How you going lovely?

Grieving right this moment at the loss of my old identify of Mr Super Aliveness, facing when I get out of here a big question mark in my life rather than the glorious canvas open to infinite possibilities I used to uphold for myself and all beings. I can barely move. I feel so sad. Would welcome your visiting me. Thanks for reaching out, much appreciated sweet Sonia. Bless you In gratitude, Gary

Grieving is good.. Look beneath it.. What are you really grieving about. After the tears in the rainbow you will see the sunshine and recogneyes that a whole new world of infinite possibilities has opened up for you. This is a new beginning for you. You will be moving in no time. Mayb look up Bruce Lee and how he got back into his art and body creating after his time in hospital. Pretty sure that while he was not mobile he was still thinking about the movements in his head. Though I still feel you need to take a little more time in the stillness. Once you are peaceful in the turbulence in side and those waters become calm and almost still you will be aligned with movement again. I am at work today. Beautiful

Bless you Sonia for sharing your wisdom and warmth w me

Having said that I understand the love that you have for dance. After over a month of not dancing and returning yesterday.. My first moments was tears and then smiling and a joy that I only experience when I dance… and when I am in nature, or in intimate embrace. Elijah these are still available to you. You just need to be in this depth just like when we are in the womb surrounded in water/support/emotions.. Until we are born into the light of the world. Or a seed in the earth growing until it reaches the surface and gets through the dark dirt that is where the nutrients and riches are. Soh much love to you in this time. Many are going through what you are at this time on the inside they feel trapped. You are so physical and comfortable with the tangible that it had to be this way for you. This too shall pass. With soh much love

Thank you sooo much, Sonia

Beverly Schneider My heart so goes out to you. I agree with much of what you already said as I experienced some of the same recouping from the brain injury and subsequent illnesses and recovery. It can end up being a rewarding time of growth that nothing else can teach. But I don’t wish this way of growth on anyone. Looking forward to see where this journey leads. Praying for you.

17 September 2016:

Bless you all.

Yvonne Martin Be Well……x

Judy Dawes Love to you Gary. Judy & Ron xx.

I know what a staph infection is like, pretty bad. So sending you healing vibes Gary. You are one terrific guy. Xx

William MacLean Received and returned threefold. Be health!

Ritch Davidson Just seeing this now, Gary, as I don’t sign on very often. Sending you blessings back and visualizing smooth and complete healing and perfect and abundant health henceforth. Thanks for reaching out to community.

Rachel Meikle-Silcock Sending you healing 

Deborah Miller Hope you’re feeling much better dear Gary….been thinking of you and sending love and healing vibes xxx

Kylie Farrugia Thinking of you and sending our best wishes for a speedy recovery. We know nothing will stop you. Take care xx

Isabel Mildenhall Hoping you are well and truly on the mend see you very soon xx

Candyce Corcoran Hope you are back to yourself. xoxox


17 September 2016

My nurse this morning took this photo of my 8 inch long sliced back from Lumbar vertebra 2 up to Thoracic vertebra 12, a series of 37 staples that have sealed me up after being surgically cut open during the 3 hour emergency operation I had at the renowned Alfred Hospital from 11 pm Monday the 12th through 2 am Tuesday the 13th here in Melbourne.


13 September 2016, hours after emergency spinal surgery

Update to all you hundreds! of souls who have shared well wishes and blessings with me, through Facebook , text messages, ph calls and some surprising lovely touching personal visits…

Good news about the sudden spinal epidermal abscess laminectomy surgery I had at 11 pm Mon nite: The surgeons were able to successfully scrape off and remove the thick- as-huge-whiteboard- marker-sized infected abscess growing on my spine that had been unannouncingly climbing rapidly up towards my brain. Life-threatening if this advanced any further.

I’ve been In such excruciating pain over last few dayz, I ‘could barely move or turn from any one position to another without screaming out loud, and sleeping and finding any position to relax in for more than 30 seconds at a time was impossible.

Turned out I must have had some cut (not known to me) that some staphylococcus bacteria (which many of us, as it turns out have on our unbroken skin some of the time) felt drawn to that open raw area of my body. According to the specialist Infectious Disease team here at the Alfred, the staph infection found its way to my spine, and this grew to such remarkable size within who knows how short or long a span of weeks or months time?

Now I’m out of the operating theatre, recovering in my room in the Post Neurosurgery area. Here I am sitting quietly (how unlike me, yet for sure "what the doctor ordered") in my 2 East Wing room 38 with a wonderful community of teams giving me care

Update to all you hundreds! of souls who have shared well wishes and blessings with me, through Facebook , text messages, and some surprising lovely touching personal visits…

It will take weeks I understand to move the staphlococci bacteria out of my blood with the flucoxaccillin antibiotic that is constantly being dripped intravenously into my bloodstream – praying the infection doesn’t spread anywhere else.

Here I am sitting quietly (how unlike my old assumed identity) in my 2 East post neurosurgery Wing room 38 in Alfred hospital.

The teams of specialists have been giving tremendous here. I’d welcome your care and support, and visit, if you feel called to connect in person. I’ll be here at least through Monday and likely longer. I have begun to take my first steps and walks w a walker on wheels around the hospital floor

So far today my extent of physical activities includes: lifting myself up with the Occupational therapy team from laying down all day till they dropped in, standing up once and leaning on a walker, sitting in an upright chair for half an hour, standing up again and ever since continuing to sit up in my hospital bed while moving my legs regular to generate more flow of vital energies throughout my fragiled body. Thank goodness at least the motorised remote moves the back of bed up and down, when I just can’t!

Here’s to the angel & divine guides connecting us ALL

Feeling such Gratitude for being alive, and for receiving so many expressions of care from so many of you, and the wisdom from having this opportunity to slow down and tune in to what is most important in this life. Truly a wake-up call of such magnitude I can only begin to comprehend what discoveries are already emerging in this, my first day of the rest of this most mysterious life.

Thank you, Bless you ALL


Grateful Gary


Susanna Schauer‎ 

Hi baby. So sorry to hear that u are I’ll. You r always in my heart & prayers
I know u will b ok. All the angels are with u(as I am)
Love u all ways

Gary French No wonder you were in such pain. Get well soon.

David Wilson Hi Gary thinking of you. Cheers David

Zen Joseph Sending you healing blessings brother.. may I suggest you do some HUMMING (deep breath, mouth gently closed, hum gently and vibrate head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, torso, legs, feet and toes. Continue to hum and direct the sound/vibration to your spine/ point of imbalance. Do this for 30-60 minutes, rest, repeat.. you will feel profound healing energy and experience rapid recovery.. you are evolving! With love. Zen x

Charlotte Lantai Wishing you wellness and strength in a speedy recovery!

Desley Cowley Awesome news Gary Wohlman. Try using voice to text to save you typing. My brother in law uses it all the time and loves it. So happy your brain is intact.

Dariush Matloubi Blessings bro for a speedy recovery

Shiana Dreamweaver Get well soon xx

Bronwyn Louise Law Thanks for the update my friend. May you continue to heal and not be in pain. Sending you my very best wishes xx

Amy Bradney-George Sending healing energy your way Elijah!

Anne Noonan Hang in there Gary. You’ll have a book to write about this experience.

Carole Ann Incredible. Thank goodness you caught it in time 

Bonnie Bliss healing love xxx

Ruth Stuettgen Bless you Gary, so happy you are feeling better and they were able to remove everything. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X Ruth

Maralyn Ann  Wow I am so relieved to hear you are okay & will recover – I hope you are surrounded by your family & friends & the intensity of the pain eases soon- blessings x

Isabel Mildenhall Sometimes the Universe sends these adversities for a reason Sometimes hard to understand and take but may be just may be you needed a big rest 

Jacob Hindi Good to hear you’re out of the woods Gary

Joseph Streisfeld Congratulations! Glad to hear !!

Samantha Murphy Very grateful you’re ok. I have another friend this happened to. He had blisters on his feet from new shoes so took them off and went barefoot then got a staph infection. It’s very serious so please treat it as such and be gentle with yourself. In sure you are also drawing parallels and metaphors surrounding this. Always interesting the adventures of the body/mind/spirit correlation. Sending 

Donna Elliott Great news. Fortunate that medical team were able to operate expediently. D xx

Richard Hansen Good to hear Gary. All the best!

Ann Sinclair 

Kaaren Day Oh Beautiful Soul, May you have peace as you sleep and rest. How dear you are to us all. I don’t see you but feel close to you because of your generous spirit. May you continue to sense and know the love so many of us feel for you. Such a gift of light and love to the world. It is an honour to love you from a distance. Bless you , bless you and god bless you xxx

Gary Wohlman Feel deeply blessed by your reflections, Kaaren

Kaaren Day Xoxo love and more love.

Bev Aisbett And blessings to you Gary. Well done, team! 🙂

Samantha Rennie Thank god for our amazing medical system and your vitality. Look forward to see what new moves you make from this.

Gary Wohlman Your comment on "seeing what new [dance] moves" emerge from this made me laugh

Aldwyn Altuney So sorry to hear Gary but glad you are ok & have a great attitude about it all. I love that about you. I am happy to postpone our show together on Friday until you are better. Look after your good self xoxox

Nerida Melvillesmith Sending love and healing from the oceans around the island dear Gary

Suzanne Rumney Wheeler Take it one day at a time. Rest,heal,recover.

May a thousand angels surround you with immense love and blessings

Tim Jeffrey Get better ,bro!

Jennifer Maree Hogan healing light and Love Gary Wohlman

Anton Gillezeau Very glad to hear you pull though all that Gary as that is scarily serious!

Dom Dedic Mate that is great to hear and I wish you a speedy recovery!

Nathalie Heynderickx My thoughts are with you. Wishing you a smoth and fast recovery Gary Wohlman
You might know Dr. Joe Dispenza story but sharing anyway. Good read if you can… 

How I Healed Myself After Breaking 6 Vertebrae


Renée Pulelehua Firefly As your friend, a part of me wishes I could take away this pain from you. I feel deep sadness and concern hearing how much you’ve been suffering yet knowing you are strong and so grateful the medical staff was able to catch this in time…

Jonathan Szetho 

Rajita Mia Nathan Thank you for your ability to make yourself vulnerable to us and share and open up to your community and let us be part of what you are going thru.
I can deeply relate to feelings you have and had…. and just learned so much myself from your sharings! Wishing you fast recovery and sending much love and light. Blessings dear friend

Susan Joyce Proctor Hope you are back in the pool very soon!

Suzanna Szworak So relieved to know you are going to be ok….sending healing and wishing a speedy recovery. Xxxx

Sherry Dimple Oh, what an experience Gary. Wishing lots of care, love and healing upon you 

Fenland Fred · 

Thanks for the update…
Get well soon and God Bless.

Larry Tackett Glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you are on the other side toward recovery.

Anick Patry Sending you love Gary Wohlman! xx

Tracey Hall Very hard to believe you sitting still at all xxx

Jerry Penny I am glad to hear the op was a success. And you will be on the road to recovery soon

Mark Edney Good to hear your going to be ok. Speedy recovery 

Amber Moore Sending you love and healing x

Lauren Scott Praying that you will be soon out of pain and recovery quickly Dr Gary Wohlman

Peter Kronborg Gratitude Gary. You are still here. Brings back memories of my broken neck 3 years ago. The Alfred was great. Hint. dont try to recover too fast. I did and it cost me. Let your body heal with its magic.! Sending love.peterxx

Adam Rankin You are deeply supported brother, recover well 

CB Tragash Prayers. Love.

Helen-Elizabeth Anderson All the best of hopes and prayers for you Gary Wohlman, what a shock plot twist for you, but one which your warrior spirit can take on and heal from 🙂 XXOO <3

Hulya Kazanaksu So happy to hear you’re doing much better and grateful that you are here in Aus. We are easily able to access such a remarkable medical system. I trust you’ll return to your health soon

Michelle Mahrer sending you blessings of complete healing dear Elijah

Louise Kambo Wishing you love light and blessings Gary for a
Speedy recovery. 

Eric Lyleson Blessings with your recovery

Séah Criss · 

Great news glad you can now heal and feel good again.

Trace Belle sending love

Samantha Parker Wow so happy you are now on the mend please keep the updates with much love and protective healing thoughts Sam 

Miriam Janna Continuing to send blessings & healing flames. Glad the op was so successful. Heal well.

Michael Arnould Good news with your humble & positive update, Gary, may your heart and body glow with healing warmth as my love for you continues beaming… Hugs brother, Michael xox

Sandy Dubs  Hey EG. Just saw this post. So pleased you are on the mend from what is quite an ordeal. Keep being resilient and take care of yourself. xoxoS

Lisa Gayle Love love love

Elizabeth Amos Sayers Just read this now…Rest up and don’t push yourself too much too soon. Much love xo