As a transformational presentation coach, I am dedicated to maximising the impact and effectiveness of professional and developing speakers in delivering their message with the greatest of ease, connectedness and full physical presence with audiences, on all stages of their lives.


  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Voices – Hard copy CD

    A hauntingly relaxing and calming massage of messages for the inner self. The quirky, rhythmic wisdoms and the echoing didgeridoo are like a prayer to your innermost soul; relaxing the muscles and clearing the mind. Quite an experience.

  • Get up, stand up for your life – Audio Download

    What Michelangelo was to sculpture, Gary Wohlman is to the body & soul. Just as Michelangelo saw the angel in the marble and chiseled until he set it free, Dr Gary has developed a simple, elegant approach to bringing out the best in people ~ in their bodies, minds and lives… Being a model of […]

  • Affirmations For Enhancing Your Partnership With Yourself – Audio download

    This “Partnering with Yourself” audio is filled with affirmations and guided visualisations for you to listen to and add to your daily practice — to enhance the results you are experiencing with any personal and professional development program you are currently undergoing. This interactive program is designed for you to play at key transition moments […]

  • All 12 Training – Audio download

    Now you can have the entire collection of Dr Gary’s presentation coaching audio training programs. This includes his live presentations at international, national and regional conferences ~ as well as radio interviews, and specialised topics created in sound studios which cover a wide range of topics. All designed to give you the assistance you need to […]

  • All Communication Art Videos

    Get all the 8 videos on one data DVD for your viewing pleasure.              

  • Mastering Your Speaking Voice – Audio download

    Using voice tones and rhythms allow you to communicate with greater passion, conviction and sincerity, thus getting your message across more effectively. Actual voices of such charismatic speakers as Winston Churchill, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Bella Abzug are included as examples. By listening to the widely differing styles of delivery represented by these […]

  • Mastering Your Presentation Skills – Audio download

    Awaken the Hero/Heroine within using more participatory, body-centered tools to communicate your talents with greater ease. This information, developed over 30 years, transforms negative self-talk to empower you in business and personal situations. You will learn the Double Extreme Technique to better recognise and liberate your own natural style, along with other tips to assist […]

  • Command Your Stand Walk Your Talk, Dance Your Story – Audio download

    This training expands on the techniques presented in MP3 01 and MP3 02 described above, with fun-to-listen-to interactive teaching stories, valuable tips, and further LIVE examples to put in immediate practice. Topics include: How to match your personal stance with your public stand in the world, How to take hold of your vast creative potential, as well as […]

  • Presenting with Power – Audio download

    This LIVE presentation, delivered at an accelerated learning conference in California in the mid 90s, presents principles and tools to empower professional and developing speakers to deliver their message with confidence, connection and charisma to audiences of all kinds. This presentation summarises the essence of Dr Gary teachings in the presentation coaching arena, which has […]

  • Develop Your Personal & Corporate Strategy – Alexander The Great Story – Audio download

    How Alexander the Great won ‘the battle against all odds’ is a LIVE story told by a master storyteller, revealing personal strategies employed by Alexander the Great (who never lost a battle!) which you can utilise to ‘think outside the square’ in both your personal and professional lives. This CD also comes with a series […]

  • The Verbal, Vocal and Visual – 3 Vs of Communication – Audio download

    This program features Gary Wohlman, PhD (Elijah) providing us with tips on creating congruence between our speech content and delivery. Whether or not you are a professional speaker, you will appreciate learning how to coordinate the Verbal, Vocal & Visual elements of communication so you communicate with greater physical presence and effectiveness on every stage […]

  • Mastering Authenticity & Audience Rapport – Audio download

    In this audio, you will hear Dr Gary presenting to a live audience of professional speakers at an international conference. Breakthroughs and shifts in presenters delivery styles are dramatically demonstrated, with the emphasis on developing ones natural authenticity by speaking from the inside out. Listen to sample