I’m feeling grateful for the opportunity to see a new client today, a professional presenter and speaker who has recently left the corporate world and is stepping out on her own.

I feel so blessed to show up for souls in transition, people who are ready to let go the shackles of the past, come out of their cage and free their mage to take centre stage – to turn a new page and move forward in their preferred life direction.

Just hours after the session, I received this moving feedback from her:

“Our session was so impactful for me – I feel more alive, optimistic, focused and HAPPY!
(Pharrell Williams’ “ Happy” song is playing over and over in my head too!) What a gift – thank you.

AND you told me to share shifts I experienced immediately. As soon as I walked out, I had a voice mail from a supporter offering my first PAID SEMINAR! And, a lead to another woman who’d like coaching. WOW! It’s a start… THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY and sharing your gifts with me today…”

“Today after our session:
1. I received my first paid seminar
2. Finalised my logo and direction of my own website
3. Wrote my first blog post (ever)
4. Wrote my assignment after writing the blog.

Here is the first poem I have written (ever):

Hello, Creativity.
I’m glad to meet you.
You arrived after waiting to be released from a dark, deep place.
Tonight you triumphantly emerged with such beauty, such grace.
The eloquence of wisdom flowed freely onto the page.
So quickly I wrote to capture the words of this new friend, wise sage.
Intelligence matched with freedom and flow.
New thoughts, insights and worlds to explore.
What wonderful gifts will be awaiting through tomorrow’s door?
A portal was opened today by a new friend.
In gratitude to Dr. Gary, Elijah and the Angels of the night.
I am ready to show up, to serve,
to stand courageously in the Light.
Tomorrow, next year, what is there to fear? Creativity, you are welcome here.”