Dr Gary is available for one-on-one and group sessions in the following areas:

  • Queensland, Australia: Gold Coast, Brisbane, Warwick, Killarney, Boonah
  • New South Wales: Kyogle, Koreelah, Nimbin, Woodenbong, Sydney
  • All major cities in Australia
  • Internationally
  • online


This is the link you can also send to those in your circles you feel can benefit, which includes all the info below: https://tinyurl.com/yc2ntnxp


LOCATION: Cudgerie Hill, House 4, 119 Elliot Rd, Clunes NSW

DESCRIPTION: In this outrageously fun and transformative full day immersion experience, participants have the opportunity to identify and release what has been holding them back from fully speaking their truth and gifts of full self-expression – in public, personal and professional situations.

All will come away with enhanced engagement, interactive impact and effectiveness with their live presentations and conversations.

SO MUCH FUN! We will be utilising Monty Python-esque theatrical tools to engage with the entire audience to make it safe to free inhibitions, inspiring us all to show up, speak up and stand up for what matters the most in our lives.

TOGETHER WE WILL AWAKEN … your wisdom, wit and whimsy – so you share your voice and message in the world as you’ve dreamed possible.

Dr Gary will artfully, creatively, sensitively, dynamically and expertly (not necessarily in that order) guide all present on an interactive, adventurous journey to develop greater rapport, authenticity and connection with ourselves and audiences than ever before. You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes for you to speak from your innermost, genuine core.

COMMENT FROM A RECENT SESSION: “A truly awesome and amazing experience, co-created by all of us together as a team of individuals who first entered the event as strangers, and left with a sweet and tender remembrance of sharing the intimacy of caring and bonding in the spirit of community.”

VENUE: A lovely private home in a retreat-like setting.

AMENITIES: We’ll have the use of the outdoor decks, sofas, sauna and jacuzzi. Bring swimmers and a towel.

Investment is $150. Spaces are limited to 20 people.
To book in and reserve your spot, open this link: https://buy.stripe.com/cN29DE1ZE7Tu2OI5kq

CONTACT: For any queries, special requests, and to make any alternative financial arrangements, contact Dr Gary directly, by calling 0433126019 or writing: drgary@mypresentationdoctor.com

TIMING: Please arrive at 9:30 so we can all start together at 10 am sharp, and we’ll go till 5 in the afternoon – with a lunch break midway through the day.

Please bring a plate of food to share, and your own drinks, refreshments and snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout.

In case you cannot make it for this session, and would like to dive deeper and explore ways Dr Gary can assist you to share your truth with ease, open the following link to organise time for a chat to explore how he can serve your individual needs, as well as to offer his coaching for your business or community group: https://calendly.com/garywohlman/30min

For a PREVIEW of the kinds of presentation breakthroughs we’ll be generating throughout the day, visit and Subscribe to Dr Gary’s newly developing YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@masteringpresentationskill4125 Your subscribing will both notify and give you access to new videos which are continually being created.

SHARE the following link for this workshop as a Facebook event with your Facebook friends: This is the link you can also send to those in your circles you feel can benefit, which includes all the info below: https://tinyurl.com/yc2ntnxp


Blessings anear,

Dr Gary

aka Gary the G.E.M. (Gary, Elijah & Merlin)



P: (+61) 0433 126 019

E: drgary@mypresentationdoctor.com

W1: mypresentationdoctor.com

W2: garywohlman.com


“Blessed is the Influence of One True Loving Human Soul upon Another”


4-22 October: Dr Gary has been invited to be an Enrichment Speaker on the Brilliance of the Seas international cruise’s maiden voyage from Honolulu to Sydney, stopping along the way in Papeete, Moorea, Raiatea, Auckland and the Bay of Islands.

Here are the titles and topics of which he’ll be presenting:

  • Legends of Hawaii
  • Tales of Hawaii & Tahiti:
  • Discover how cultures migrated to Polynesia 
  • The Polynesian Settlement:
  • History & legends of Tahiti and Moorea: 
  • The Art & History of the Tattoo
  • The Art of Storytelling: Join Dr Gary Wohlman, motivational professional as he shares fun and effective ways of telling a story for maximum impact, engagement & effectiveness. Useful for home, business, or that impromptu speech you may need to give.
  • Awakening Creativity: Today Dr Gary tells you how to free the artist from within, tools you can take away to liberate full self-expression.


22-24 October: Dr Gary is available for individual and group sessions in Sydney.

25 October:Dr Gary is available for individual and group sessions in Brisbane.