Gary Wohlman list of services

Private sessions for top executives. Reach your team leaders, employees, colleagues, clients and peers with greater effectiveness and sensitivity. This program will enhance your ability to communicate effectively, minimise speech preparation time, and maximise audience rapport and impact.

Sessions include:

  1. Inspired Leadership
  2. Awakening the Hero from within
  3. The Art of Storytelling – Bring Your Message to Life
  4. Bringing Heart & Spirit into business and into your interpersonal communication
  5. How to deliver sensitive, delicate and fragile messages
  6. Enhancing the engagement, impact and effectiveness of your message delivery – both live and online
  7. Presenting repetitive content so it comes across as fresh, dynamic and interactive – as though it’s always the first time
  8. Choreographing Communication: how to map out your key points, visually and viscerally – both live in front of your audience as well as in front of the computer screen – so you easily remember what to say, your audience optimally retains your information, and you come across with embodied presence
  9. Personal Development

Learn how to eliminate conflict and underlying tensions that lead to ineffectiveness in the workplace as well as in people’s personal lives. Dissolve those challenges that block peak performance and fulfilling harmonious relationships. Every participant in this session is invited to present one key example demonstrating “conflict and difficulty in communication”.

Through Gary’s expert facilitation and creating a safe and supportive atmosphere in which all can share their conversations, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, communication problems which have been holding on for ages are often released forever in just a few minutes.

It is Gary’s promise and commitment, to each and every willing individual he works with, that a tangible shift takes place to reinforce accomplishing the expressed desired outcomes.

After just one private session with master presentation coach Dr Gary Wohlman, you’ll be amazed at the dramatic improvements you make in your live presentations. Now you can receive the same benefits Dr Gary provides as personal coach to leaders in business, managing directors, entrepreneurs, professional presenters and salespeople along with their executive management teams all over the world.

In even the first hour of a session with Dr Gary, you will make breakthroughs in one or more of the following areas:

  1. streamlined speech preparation
  2. greater rapport and participatory ease-of-interaction with your audience
  3. more engaging, dynamic and confident delivery
  4. strengthened stage presence and impact of voice and gestures and
  5. increased ability to think-on-your-feet and answer difficult questions both LIVE and on the phone.

Book a session for yourself or your team at the convenience of your office, home or nearby location and you will see the results and influence you make with your clients and peers soar!

Individual & Group presentation coaching sessions available… Results you can expect:

  1. streamlined speech preparation
  2. greater authenticity and audience rapport
  3. more engaging and impactful delivery
  4. strengthened stage presence and congruence
  5. mastering facilitation skills

Presentation Breakthrough Services is committed to providing the most innovative, dynamic sessions to empower individuals and build teams.

Coaching by Mail

Private evaluations by mail. Send us an audio or video tape of actual/potential presentations. You will receive feedback via audio tape – a point-by-point evaluation of your material with recommendations to help you present with greater power, mastery and charisma.

Coaching by Phone, Skype

Private consultations by phone. Receive personal coaching with Dr Gary Wohlman whenever you need it. Gary will move you through your most current challenges to the next level of presentation mastery.

Seminars and Private Consultations

Seminars, training sessions and private consultations to help build your skills in the following areas:

  1. Present Yourself with Power & Presence
  2. Mastering Authenticity & Audience Rapport
  3. Matching Your Verbal Message With Your Physical Delivery
  4. How to Deliver Your Messages with Ease ~ The Art of Speaking from the Heart
  5. Awakening Creativity, Presentation Skills & Full Self-Expression
  6. Platform Skill Development
  7. Team Building for Managers
  8. Peak Sales Performance Strategies
  9. Resolving Conflict & Difficulty with People
  10. Presentation Training for Diversity Trainers
  11. Awaken the Hero/Heroine
  12. Build Your Business & Maximise Profits – overcome Call Reluctance and Objections
  13. Customer Service Training
  14. Advanced Customer Service & Call Centre Training
  15. Balancing Personal & Professional Lives
  16. Speak Up and Meet Your Match
  17. How to Introduce Yourself in 10 Minutes or Less
  18. Develop Your Professional Practice
  19. Improve your presentations; reach more clients
  20. Stakeholder Engagement Training

Dr Gary Wohlman is a permanent resident of Australia, a dual citizen of both Australia and the USA. As Presentation Coach to business leaders, executive management teams and developing entrepreneurs from many walks of life, Dr Gary travels the world providing live individual and group programs, as well as video and telephone coaching support.

“Fun, Dynamic & Inspirational” are just a few words that describe this most unusual approach to improving live speaking skills. Master Presentation Coach Dr Gary Wohlman provides a dynamic, interactive opportunity for developing presenters to improve their LIVE speaking skills, stage presence and get their message across with enhanced ease and effectiveness with audiences.

Utilising a combination of improvisational and Playback theatre skills, Psychodrama, and the latest findings in accelerated learning and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) — along with his years of expertise as a professional court jester, and love for Monty Python-esque spoofs — Gary safely, sensitively and whimsically leads participants on n engaging adventure of self-discovery.

With both individual and group audience-participatory rituals, tools and exercises, we move together through personal challenges by staging real-life scenarios which involve everyone. Throughout this journey, all are guided to come away with breakthroughs and refinements in their abilities to communicate with impact, leadership and inspiration.

As a leader in your own area, you need to constantly find ways to build trust and inspire cooperation and creativity. In this session, you’ll learn practical methods of team-building, communication and leadership skills which can be applied to every project. A variety of approaches will be shown.
“Dear Gary,
I would like to thank you for significant changes in my personal performance and the performance of our Sales Team, here at RAMS Home Loans.
Since we first met last year, I have accomplished much more and achieved a degree of success in areas that were a challenge in the past. I have always had a lack of confidence in my own abilities to speak to groups. Through our personal work together, in one-on-one sessions, I have overcome many of the fears and barriers that have impeded past performance.
I have been to many courses in my career, including Rogen Associates, the presentation specialists that coached our speakers to Olympic success. Every time, I was assured that I would come out a strong and passionate speaker. And every time, I came away with a degree of disappointment, that I was unable to improve. Your methods at first may seem unconventional to many, yet I can assure you that they have had a positive impact on me and I thank you for this.
Recently, I was pleased to invite you to coach my sales team. The team is full of excellent sales people, many of whom were expecting the “same old ” rehash of many things they had seen before. Your ability to turn them from this belief, almost immediately, led to a powerful workshop session that had real impact on our team. It was a revelation to me as well, as I had only seen you in the one-on-one sessions.
As you know, we are arranging ongoing sessions with you…. And the Sales Team ARE looking forward to these sessions and the “edge” they will gain from your experience and knowledge.
I wholeheartedly recommend you to any individuals and institutions where presentations of any kind are required. This would include not only your expert presentation coaching, but also in areas of resolving conflicts, building teams, enhancing customer service and inspiring innovative leadership. Almost any business, large or small, would certainly benefit from your facilitation. Please have anyone who is considering utilising your support call me. I am happy to explore with them ways you can be of greatest service to their people.”
Yours sincerely, Chris Gibson
“Dr. Gary Wohlman is the most powerful, educated and different presentational and speaking trainer you will ever meet. His unique methods have totally transformed the way I communicate with everyday people and on stage. Now whenever I speak, people truly hang on every word. But what’s really fascinating… After the first session, I noticed people surrounding me whenever I spoke. After the second session, I became ready to tackle the stage with absolute confidence.What was once a nightmare is now a joy. Thanks to Dr. Gary’s simple instructions, I don’t have to memorise speeches ever again. I know how to deliver my points with meaning, to use my body to fully connect with an audience and most importantly… never forget what to say, ever! What I once thought was impossible is now a reality. I am honoured and proud to say I am a speaker.”
John Toumpakke, Fitness Trainer
“… my performances have definitely been more fiery. I bet Dr Gary can improve anybody’s performance onstage or in the boardroom.”
Steve Kilbey, Lead Singer, Songwriter & Bass Guitarist, The Church, Australian
“Gary is an amazing presentation coach. He helped me take an unstructured sort of rambling presentation to a highly structured and professional presentation.”
Janeen Sonsie, Int. Speaker and Managing Director
“This was the most powerful session on speaker coaching I have ever experienced. Gary Wohlman’s innovative approach to presentation coaching is transformational. Perhaps the greatest benefit of Dr. Gary’s training to me is that I have literally learned how to Walk my Talk. I will no longer need to memorise a presentation. And it will be obvious that I am fully present and speaking from my heart, because I will be.”
Carolyn K. Long, Maryland, USA
“Since we spent time together, my presentations have improved in two major areas. Firstly, I am now inwardly so relaxed and confident, I have developed an inner calmness that destroys all those little doubts I used to have prior to each presentation. Secondly, because of my more relaxed presentation, I am getting remarkably quick feedback from my audience that they are absorbing and enjoying the presentation.”
Teri Bigio, International Professional Speaker
“When I was finally ready to face and overcome my fear of speaking in public, I enrolled in Dr Gary’s class aimed at helping people confront the dread that eroded their confidence. Until then, I had distanced myself from distress by reading numerous self-­‐improvement books and studying how to structure talks or carefully script presentations. Once we had confronted our demons, everyone in class revealed a more relaxed and engaging presence and displayed a more open connection with the audience. As I stood in front of the group ready to speak, I observed my audience’s faces. People were listening to me. I watched their eyes and their facial expressions and felt surprised at how easy it was to engage with each person.”
Doreen Hamilton PhD, Professional speaking coach
“As a hypnotherapist, I work very much in communicating with people and yet, until working with you, I was missing that vital link with myself and hence my audience. Gary, I trust that through this letter, who ever may see it, that they will not hesitate to have you work with them. I remain forever grateful.”
Brian Head, International Speaker, Author and Hypnotherapist, New Zealand
“Through or working together, the symposium I organised was a great success. In a couple of public performances I had to give last week I found a new level of confidence and relaxation.”
Lucy, Senior Academic in Sydney
“Since working with you, I’ve let go of stored energy I’ve been holding on to for ages, and ever since my energy is more euphoric. I’m even finding myself more outspoken in meetings.”
Jane, Coach, Sydney
“Since our session, I have continued writing in a journal. My words were in the present and as I started to write, connections were made with other observations and so on. I was very pleased that my style of writing had changed, as in the past, I have mostly written about past events and thoughts, ruminating about how I feel. That’s just a glimpse of what has happened for me -­‐ the journal writing is a major shift for me it is teaching me what it means to be truly present and express my true feelings as never before.”
Special Education Teacher, Tasmania
“We were amazed at the insight and direction that Dr Gary provided and the clarity it brought to our marketing efforts to the point where Dr Gary was pointing out what would sell and what was fluff. I would recommend making an effort to have a session with Dr Gary before your seminar. It will have a direct impact on the buy-­‐in of your audience and will assist not just with the presentation but also the content.”
Jonathan Anderson
“Gary used some unique experiential training methods which I have found extremely beneficial in my role as a consultant. I am more comfortable in any situation which requires negotiation including conflict resolution. At the completion of this course, Gary offered me some bodywork. This was the icing on the cake. I was so impressed, I continued sessions with him. He patiently and skilfully led me through the experience both with counselling and bodywork. I also attended a wonderful workshop held at his Bali retreat. My personal and business life has changed dramatically and I look forward to my positive future with great excitement.”
Lyn Traill, Director, TRAILL BLAZE
“Your communication skills astound me. I feel your coaching sessions have dramatically shifted the way I present and connect with the audience. My hat is off to you.”
Robert Kirby, International Speaker and founder of Heart Energy Australia
“What impressed me the most in the Stakeholder Engagement training we offered to our technical support staff was the transformation with the participants who previously did not have the confidence to present in a public forum. They now present themselves with self-confidence
in a succinct and clear delivery. In a recent training session participants demonstrated their newly acquired skills confidently by presenting in front of a group of 20 people. The results from Dr Gary’s facilitation continued to grow weeks and months beyond our initial exposure to this unique approach to improving interpersonal communication.”
Jackie O'Brien, Learning & Development Leader, Capgemini Consulting
“Since the evening at your presentation at Unity church, I have experienced a really quite profound change in my ability to respond to “others out there” in a more open, loving and deliciously free manner. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, experience and freedom with all of us.”
Barbara Carter
“Thank you for your impeccability, intelligence and kindness. And for your trust in people to find a way to be authentically present. I like the lightness and playfulness, along with the focus of your work and the expansiveness in which it all rests.”
Grace Terry Whitebeach, Celebrated Australian poet and professional presenter
“Without theatrics, you were theatrical. Without drama, you were dramatic. Long after the program, I know the importance of the experience and just wanted to thank you. In a very sensitive, commanding and creative way, you drew each person out so they felt safe to share. When dealing with vulnerable aspect of ourselves, that is not an easy thing to do; but with your guidance and gentleness it was accomplished and we all learned together. Unlike most coaches I have observed, who almost seem to use the moment to showcase their talents with pizzazz and drama, your greatest strength was in being able to focus so intently on the one individual. Above all, your message of ‘My vulnerability is my strength’ still sings within me.”
Rosita Perez, (DEC.), Speaker Of The Year, National Management Association Past President National Speakers Association
“We have seen some real improvement between employees, the senior supervisors are communicating more effectively, the service staff has dealt cooperatively with some unusually difficult circumstances, and the Club’s executive staff are a more unified team. The fact that your sessions are perceived by such a variety of club staff as effective a full four months later speaks volumes.”
Michael Pethybridge, Club Manager, Atrium Club - New York City
“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the two sessions you had with my team. You were professional and displayed a high level of sensitivity towards each member. In a very short span of time you had created a safe and supportive atmosphere in which everyone could speak what was in their minds and brought up issues in a non-threatening manner. You were very open and encouraging, taking the time to listen to each other and everyone. You achieved so much in so little time and I am grateful for that. You certainly live up to the name of “Breakthrough Communications”. Your session has helped the team communicate better with each other not only during the session, but also after. I will remember “Wohlman” to remind myself and the team to focus on the positives as we work out our differences. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your services to any of my friends.”
Gerhard Kropp, General Manager Inter-Continental Hotel - Singapore
“Gary helped my employees open up and express their concerns, ideas, values and goals. Gary helped us produce a non-threatening environment and increased our efficiency through better communication.”
Joseph P. New, President of New-Bell Mayflower Moving and Storage, Virginia Beach, USA
“We have seen some real improvements: the senior supervisors are communicating more effectively and the executive staff is a more unified team.”
Yosemite Park Concession, National Park Service, USA