About Dr Gary Wohlman
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While living in the United States, Gary graduated with honours from the esteemed Horace Mann private secondary school, receiving the Headmasters award for the top student excelling in both academics and athletics. Graduating with a combined Pre-Med. and Psychology degree from Johns Hopkins University, Gary saw his future as a child psychiatrist and set his sights on medical school, yet felt a greater calling from the burgeoning new field of self development.

He moved to the west coast, where he pursued humanistic studies in the Human Potential movement, taking courses in San Francisco at the Californian School of Professional Psychology, which encouraged all manner of innovation. Here he developed his own system of transformational body therapy that grew over four decades into the presentation coaching that is now the Wohlman method.

In 1990, Gary was invited to visit New Zealand as a keynote conference speaker for health care professionals. As a practitioner who was accustomed to working one-on-one with clients, Gary presented in the way he knew how, by inviting individual audience members onto the stage, one by one, to work with them on the challenges they had in presenting, communicating and connecting.

News of Gary’s presentations soon spread. His authentic, real life scenarios were a lively change to stultifying power point keynotes which proliferated the stage, and he was invited back to Australasia for a series of workshops. As Gary’s presentations became more popular the triad of his life – athletics, academia and personal development – and his devotion to integrating body, mind and spirit – rose into place. As new frontiers opened up for his pioneering personality, he picked up his sticks and moved down under to Australia in 1997.

To Gary, unlocking the dynamic energy system by the ability to feel centred and in command had a natural synchronicity with his early acclaim as a gymnast, track star, and springboard diving champion. Integrating this physicality into the core of presentation coaching is the foundation of the “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person“, which was government accredited by the Department of Education & Training (DET) in Australia in 2002. During this same period he received a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology and Expressive Arts Therapy, through which his proven methodology for liberating vitality, creativity and gifts of expression through the body as the chief instrument of communication reached new levels of connection with wider audiences.

‘Getting into the zone’ is as much a part of preparing for sports competitions as for any stage presentation. In harnessing the power of the zone as an athlete, it became anchored in Gary’s mind that he needed to create tools and resources to coach individuals to connect inner purpose to outer presentation, and align intention with performance.

For Gary, there is always an overarching sense of achievement working with people to unlock the stored physical, emotional and creative energy – and release the related anxiety, tensions and self-talk holding them back from freely, fully and fluidly expressing themselves – to make the difference of which they are capable, to step up as leaders and heroes in both their personal lives and in our world

Dr Gary’s clients generally come from two paths: firstly performers, leaders or high-profile spokespeople. Their goal is to persuade, entertain, inform or educate and leave an impression. Secondly, those that want to achieve similarly, and may be challenged in expressing themselves, lost for words, floundering for material, simply stuck or nervous.

Companies that have engaged Dr Gary include global corporations, such as Chifley, Capgemini, 3M, Xerox, Geovital, American Express, Air New Zealand, the Intercontinental Hotel and Australia Post – as well as a string of not for profits, Make-a-Wish foundation amongst them – and thousands of individuals worldwide. His unique blend of personal and professional development programs is becoming increasing popular within both private industry and the government sector. He recently provided a series of programs for the Victoria Local Government sector, in partnership with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV).

Dr Gary’s quest is to assist fellow presenters find their authority, authenticity and audience engagement with the simplest, swiftest, most sustainable systems possible. “Here’s to unlocking your true self, speaking from the heart and being heard – with your fullest vitality, physical presence and connectedness – on all stages of your life. It’s an honour for me to assist you in enhancing the impact and effectiveness of your live presentations, and in bringing your voice and message out into the world as you’ve always dreamed possible“.

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With Dr Gary’s proprietary tangible tools, tips and techniques that map uncharted territories of the body-mind, you will find that the shifts, breakthroughs and progress that take place are easy, fast and enjoyable – with highly effective and lasting results:
rather than giving you information and sending you away to practice, Dr Gary’s process shifts you immediately into your new capability – in a single session.
dr Gary’s approach is both multi-modal and multi-sensory, so it gets past the defences and works on many levels at once – to produce results quickly.
working with body and mind together – using all of your senses and your subconscious creativity – is a fun and rewarding experience.
with Dr Gary, you will enjoy improvement in your live presentations, as well as experience dramatic transformations in both your personal and professional relationships.
Lasting Results…
Dr Gary’s clients report that the benefits are long-lasting, and often permanent – many never again feel stuck, because they are physically, emotionally and mentally transformed…