The Power of Pause – Get into the Power!

In the limited time you have to deliver your presentation, of course you want to give as much content as possible in the shortest amount of time…
I have seen this challenge time and time again with some of the best of speakers I have coached over the years.

As important as a speaker feels it […]

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Awaken your Hero from Within!

Who Are the Heroes?
~ by Dr Gary Wohlman, transformational presentation coach

Who are the heroes in your life? Take a look inside of you. Scan your memory for the mentors and role models who have made a difference in shaping your life direction.

Imagine yourself now standing in front of one of these role models. Face them […]

How to maximise your value in Boardroom conversations

Here are key points for Directors serving on a Board, to enhance the value they are able to contribute and assist them to take a greater Leadership role in the Boardroom conversation:

Become a valuable part of the Board room — tips for Directors on the Board:

1. Ask how you can add more value. To become […]

What can I simply do to develop Confidence on stage?

Today I attended a sales & marketing Superconference in my home town of Melbourne – with a wealth of inspiring speakers and presenters from all over the world.

During one of the breaks in a small circle of peers, a developing speaker asked me: “What tips can you give me, I don’t get up much on […]

The Art of Effective Communication

Gary Wohlman – Thursday, January 31, 2013
The Art of Effective Communication
by Dr Gary Wohlman, Communication Skills Coach

The purpose of this article is twofold:

to provide enhanced support for those Local Government Association of Tasmania members participating in a Communication Skills training, facilitated by myself on 23 Feb 2013
to give tangible tips, tools and techniques for anyone […]