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What Michelangelo was to sculpture, Gary Wohlman is to the body & soul.

Just as Michelangelo saw the angel in the marble and chiseled until he set it free, Dr Gary has developed a simple, elegant approach to bringing out the best in people ~ in their bodies, minds and lives…

Being a model of “all body, all mind, all spirit” himself, his specialised somatic system frees people’s unspoken conversations held in the deepest parts of the psyche through the body-mind interface. As an archeologist of the soul, Dr Gary pioneers and provides fresh pathways for you to liberate physical, emotional and creative energies once buried in the landscape of the body, our chief instrument of communication — allowing the true you to come out.

His whimsical approach integrating new self talk with rhyme will transport you on a mystical journey. Answers you have been seeking, now you will find.

This multi-modal, multi-sensory approach will cause shifts in your consciousness and connection with yourself and with everything you think, say and do.

No longer will you afraid to speak your mind.
No longer will you hesitate with life’s decisions.
No longer will you wait for the good things to happen.
They can and will happen to you. And Dr. Gary, in his playful passionate way, shows you how to create miracles in your life, each and every day.

Get up, stand up for your life provides you with a brilliant blueprint that will illuminate the rest of your life, from the inside out ~ and gives you tangible tools, tips and techniques so you truly Shine. Open the door, and embrace all you have come here for! 

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