Product Description

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Vitalise your LIVE presentations and add sizzle, substance and soul to your physical presence and delivery by following the easy-to-practice teaching principles demonstrated in this interactive workbook.

Designed by Master Presentation Coach & Executive Corporate trainer Dr Gary Wohlman, PhD, this 80 page multi-coloured workbook is chock-filled with tools, tips, and techniques for you to put immediately into practice – to vitalise and enhance the impact and effectiveness of your live presentations, and bring your voice and message into the world as you’ve dreamed possible.

These principles represent the essence of Dr Gary’s teachings and breakthrough techniques for professional presenters which he has been developing in front of live audiences and leaders around the world for over 45 years. All included within this workbook, you will receive:

  • “The Double Extreme Technique” for Awakening Authenticity and bringing out your own natural unique style of speech delivery
  • “The Speech Cycle Template” for clarifying what content to use in a presentation, what order this content is best presented, and streamlining speech preparation
  • “The Grid System” for walking your talk and creating a conscious choreography of communication, a dynamic tool for matching your movements with your message
  • “The P.EA. Formula / Cycle of Communication”, providing a structure for you to punctuate your Points with clear Examples & follow through with an Application to your audience – before moving on to your next point
  • “Awakening the Hero”: A powerful exercise for you to reclaim qualities you’ve projected onto heroes, mentors and role models – to step up and embody leadership and full self-expression
  • Key words, phrases and expressions to assist you in effectively reaching Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic listeners
  • A wealth of additional principles and visual aids to assist you in becoming the best speaker you can be — both personally and professionally, on every stage and in every stage of your life.