Get up, stand up for your life – available in audio, print, and ebook formats

Get up, stand up for your life

What Michelangelo was to sculpture, Gary Wohlman is to the body & soul. Just as Michelangelo “saw the angel in the marble and chiseled until he set it free,” Dr Gary has developed a simple, elegant approach…
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Communication Art Products

While developing and refining his therapeutic modality since 1973, Dr Gary has added further areas of expertise – as transformational presentation coach and court jester – to accompany the muscle stretching with uniquely integrating affirmations ~ spoken out loud, in rhyme, in whisper, in song. By reaching his clients through as many senses as possible simultaneously – including breath, sound and visualisation – patterns of perception and expression shift dramatically…

Value Packages

To my fellow developing presenter, thank you for this opportunity to assist you to “unlock your true self and speak from the heart on every stage of your life,” and in particular, to present your spoken message with enhanced impact and effectiveness.

Healing Art Products

This is a “specialised form of transformational body therapy that integrates affirmations spoken, whispered and sung in rhyme ~ to catalyse optimal physical, emotional, and creative release.
Many people who experience my work enjoy dramatic, swift and long-lasting shifts in their relationship with their body, with themselves and with significant others in their life — along with freeing their ability to speak up with ease in situations where they’ve previously held back communication.

Performance Art Products

Before hiring the Court Jester/Traveling Troubadour for your next party, event or special occasion, please click on the selections below to hear some of his favourite performance art pieces: ENJOY!!!
Here you will have the opportunity to view the lists of all Songs, Stories & Recitations that are available for purchase, and you can also listen to half minute sound bites of each selection. In this section, you are also able to purchase either individual or recitations, songs or stories of complete sets…