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Moments of Breakthrough

Today, I interview Dr. Gary Wohlman, a powerful teacher who is important to me because he was one of my first coaches! I had a transformative experience with him and I am so honored and proud to share him with you all today.
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The Body Speaks

The Age, Fairfax Media Group, Australia
Posture is key, Gary Wohlman says, and getting the arms, hands and fingers to make pictures the audience can clearly see is more than half the battle.
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When words are not enough

Interviewed on National TV, Channel 7: The Morning Show
via Yahoo!7 TV,
hosted by Larry Emdur & Kylie Gillies
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“How to liberate authentic communication of mind, body and spirit”

TV interview of “The SHTICK” , Australia
This episode of “The SHTICK” aired on TV, where I was interviewed on my perspective for liberating authentic communication.
I am followed by Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Opposition Attorney-General telling us his take on the 18C Amendments, followed by David Southwick’s launch of Active April, ending with Bob Marley’s song “Get Up, Stand Up for Your Rights.”
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“Video Showreel”

This showreel reveals some of the best of Dr Gary’s live interviews, and integrates key moments from the 3 interviews just above
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“Over 50 So What!”

“Here Dr Gary is interviewed by TV presenter, speaker and author Carol O’Halloran on her show “Over 50 So What!”
Responding to a series of engaging questions, Dr Gary demonstrates how his “Wohlman Method for the Whole Person” transformational body therapy integrates with his one-on-one and group presentation coaching and awakening creativity sessions ~ all of which he’s been developing over 50 years.”

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“The Issue is in the Tissue”

“As a transformational body therapist, presentation coach and awakening creativity artist, Dr Gary has refined his unique multi-sensory skills over half a century and facilitated breakthroughs in perception and expression with thousands of fellow humans in his live and online presentations all around the world.

In this session, Dr Gary offers an interactive, engaging format that addresses specific needs, concerns and areas of challenge the viewer may be experiencing in their bodies, minds and lives. Throughout this dynamic presentation, he focuses on how unresolved issues eventually become embedded in our muscle tissue, and provides stimulating strategies to release a whole series of unwanted conditions.

This session is rich in rituals and tools Dr Gary offers to deepen your connection with your own innate body-centred wisdom and natural authority, guiding you to new levels of mastery and breakthroughs to pioneer beyond where you’ve been able to go before in both your personal and professional lives.”
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“Self Healing through the Senses”

As presentation coach, transformational body therapist and awakening creativity artist, Dr Gary is interviewed in this “Health & Harmony” show with a dynamic duo female team from South Africa.
Here’s the description: “Dr Gary helped us to understand the importance of bringing out our silly side, how to release certain traumas through movement and speaking, as well as some of his methodologies and practices he uses with his clients to become your most authentic, confident self.”
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“Mindset Michele TV Show Interview”

Here Dr Gary is interviewed as to how he has developed his own success mindset, based on his seeing himself as an archaeologist of the soul – and his constant devotion to freeing the physical, emotional and creative stored energies buried in the landscapes of our bodies. He demonstrates this through simple practices that are empowering, nurturing and inspiring for all. Have a listen and a view to receive tips, tools and techniques to develop your mind-body connection for success.”
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“Inspire’d stage” online is delighted to welcome Dr. Gary Wohlman!

In this session, Dr Gary integrates a lifetime of practice as a presentation coach, transformational body therapist and court jester.
As an archaeologist of the soul, he feels honoured to share with you tangible tools to liberate the layers of stored physical, emotional and creative energies buried within the landscape of our bodies – our chief instruments of communication. Once bound, now bound to release.

He says:  JOYn me here on this adventurous, multi-sensory journey to re-set your self talk and re-new our collective narrative ~ so your telling becomes compelling, welling and swelling.
Together we bring the sage and mage out of the cage, to open a new page for yourself, a fresh stage for humanity.
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