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LEADERS WITH A HEART interview (part one)

Here Dr Gary is interviewed by podcaster Lorenzo Payman, who writes: “I really love this episode as not only is it a fun chat, but also one where Gary truly opened his heart to me and to us throughout this episode, not holding back anything. A couple of times, we both got emotional in a positive way as a result of that. A powerful and beautiful talk!
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LEADERS WITH A HEART interview (part two)

Intro & Description: in this episode, Part II of my beautiful conversation with Dr Gary WohIman, we continue where we left off from Part I. We start with going deeper into the dynamics of the relationship with his parents. Then, we transition into talking about his business, impact, mission, vision and what he’s been working on currently and his wonderful impact in the world.
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Moments of Breakthrough

Today, I interview Dr. Gary Wohlman, a powerful teacher who is important to me because he was one of my first coaches! I had a transformative experience with him and I am so honored and proud to share him with you all today.
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The Body Speaks

The Age, Fairfax Media Group, Australia
Posture is key, Gary Wohlman says, and getting the arms, hands and fingers to make pictures the audience can clearly see is more than half the battle.
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When words are not enough

Interviewed on National TV, Channel 7: The Morning Show
via Yahoo!7 TV,
hosted by Larry Emdur & Kylie Gillies
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“How to liberate authentic communication of mind, body and spirit”

TV interview of “The SHTICK” , Australia
This episode of “The SHTICK” aired on TV, where I was interviewed on my perspective for liberating authentic communication.
I am followed by Mark Dreyfus QC MP, Opposition Attorney-General telling us his take on the 18C Amendments, followed by David Southwick’s launch of Active April, ending with Bob Marley’s song “Get Up, Stand Up for Your Rights.”
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“Video Showreel”

This showreel reveals some of the best of Dr Gary’s live interviews, and integrates key moments from the 3 interviews just above
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“How to Create your Best Alignment with the New Earth”

Thrilled and honoured to share this newly born interview with you, just released to the world.
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“How Dr Gary became an archaeologist of the soul – with tools for you to fulfill your life purpose.”

In this video, Dr Gary is interviewed by a dear friend and entrepreneurial colleague of 45 years, Lewis Harrison, interviews Gary on his life journey.
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“How Dr Gary became an archaeologist of the soul – with tools for you to fulfill your life purpose.”

In this episode of “Shining The Light On Our Community”, Dr Gary Wohlman describes his journey and mission in assisting fellow developing leaders to share their voice and message with the world.
Integrating his skills as a presentation coach, Transformational Somatic Trauma Therapist & Awakening Creativity Artist, Dr Gary shares a plethora of tools, tips and techniques he has created and developed over 50 years to bring your VOICE and MESSAGE out into the world as you’ve dreamed possible.
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