I suggested to a client that she reassign the Doubt which she’s allowed to get in the way of communicating clearly to a new role, a new job title, and to put this in dialogue form so she can move forward in her life with greater clarity, in both her perception and expression. Here’s what she came up with:
“Dear Doubt
For many years now you have served me, rising into my consciousness during moments when decisions were to be made, or sometimes, just visiting randomly. You have seated yourself firmly in my gut as the gate-keeper of my identity. When moments have arisen that I have seen an opportunity for growth, you have clouded that with your death shroud, stifling and choking me until I revert back to the safety of the cocoon you have provided for me. It has kept me small, stopping me from growing. You have served me well. You have protected me as you knew how. I thank you for your your faithful service. As of today, I have a new role for you.
Dear Mary-Anne
Thank you for finally addressing me. I have felt enslaved by your need for me, but thought that was what you wanted, so I made sure I did my job well for you. I knew it wasn’t serving your greater being, and have yearned for the day when you came to this realisation. I am tired of being a negative influence in your life, and want you to look at me as a force for positive change. I am so excited about my new role and am eager to hear more…
Dear Doubt
Thank you for your honesty, how funny it is that we have been holding each other back, when we both wanted so much more.
I now assign you the role of “Wise discerner of clear choices”. You will be a positive influence on my life. You will enable my being to grow and, decisions made and actions taken from a place of wisdom and clarity.
You will be a guiding light in my life, and I promise to listen to your wise advice. You will now be serving my greater good and growth. I will listen to your voice from the depth of my gut, and know that it is my truth. You will be my guide for living a full and big life.
Dear Mary-Anne
How relieved I am to be cast from the shackles of my past role and given this new title. I promise to serve you well. I will be a steady and wise voice guiding you as you step forward into being and having everything in your life that you claim as yours. I will now hold a light towards the pathways that are right for you. I trust that you will look for and listen to the wisdom from that light as you step into decisions. From the depths of your gut, my wisdom will flow, guiding your heart and head towards healthy, positive and aligned decisions.
Thank you Mary-Anne
Dear Wise discerner of clear choices…
Thank you!”