Affirmations and Physicalisation
Affirmations have the potential to be powerful, transformative tools for our lives. They can be used to ground us, reassure us, build confidence, change habits and to invite new energy into ourselves and our surroundings.
The power of affirmations, however, can be undermined by our own minds. It could be a challenge to believe in the message, for example, without some kind of instant “proof”.
I think that’s part of the reason why I’ve struggled with the act of saying affirmations at times. While I can verbalise the intention or wish, I feel there is a part of me that doesn’t fully believe in it.
My experience with the Wohlman Method has given me a deeper insight into this resistance and why it occurs. Dr Gary Wohlman stretches both the body and the mind, incorporating movement with affirmations and visualisation, to create profound transformations in his clients.
What I realised recently was that the affirmations I say with Dr Gary have so much more power within me than the ones I have said in the past because I am using all of my self when I say them. This process gives affirmations a physical form to match the vocal expressions, leading to a more integrated experience. In turn, that makes it easier to have whole acceptance of (and appreciation for) each affirmation.
This insight was further brought home to me when reading Dr Gary’s book, Get Up, Stand Up For Your Life.
“Since the muscles are being lengthened as the affirmations are being spoken OUT LOUD by myself as well as by the client, all the sensations combine,” he explains.
“As a result of this multi-dimensional, simultaneous reinforcement, the new mental patterns will be encoded more deeply – and with far greater recall ­– in the muscle memory.”
Working with Dr Gary has helped me become more aware and appreciative of the importance of both vocalisation and physicalisation. In the past I have often done one or the other, but the combination of vocalising my intentions and integrating that with my physical self is leading to change and insights that are both fulfilling and sustainable. Now, as Dr Gary might say, I “believe and receive” the affirmations I want in my life.
~ written by Amy Bradney-George, recent client and advocate of this work