Finding Empowerment Through Letting Go

Finding Empowerment Through Letting Go

Do you ever find yourself feeling caged like a bird, wings beating against the bars of a situation that you can’t see a way out of? Most people will experience feeling trapped or disempowered at different stages of their lives, and it’s often hard to know what to do about it. […]

How to Claim Your True Voice

Thank you for reading and for working with me, so you are more able to hear your own true voice.
Speak. Speak to it.

Let us now look deeper into the related principles of “Mastering” your presentation.

By “mastering” I am referring to the way you present yourself when you match up the verbal and physical delivery of […]

Step up as a leader – how to take a stand as a hero in your land…

I have found that another key element in understanding yourself is to ask who are the most important people in your life. Who are your role models?
You are an adult now and you no longer have blinders on in terms of your parents and other close family members. We want to see the truth.

Ask yourself: […]

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What can I simply do to develop Confidence on stage?

Today I attended a sales & marketing Superconference in my home town of Melbourne – with a wealth of inspiring speakers and presenters from all over the world.

During one of the breaks in a small circle of peers, a developing speaker asked me: “What tips can you give me, I don’t get up much on […]

Developing Presence in Public Speaking And In Life

Developing Presence in Public Speaking And In Life

Presence is that hard-to-define quality that engages and inspires other people. A powerful and admired actor, musician or dancer, for example, is often said to have “strong stage presence”, to define the way we always have a sense of where they are and who they are in their […]